15 Songs for a Birthday Playlist

I decided to bless you all with a playlist because it’s my birthday month. This music is not the usual music I used to list after every post, it’s been a while since I did that. Plus my friend showed me this sound cloud mix that is really awesome especially when doing chores or random creative pursuits. Plus who doesn’t love tea, Chai? Anyone?


East Africans, Kenyans in particular; if you are tired of Happy Birthday by Harmonize take it up with another Sarah lol. I will find you by Lecrae has been my ring tone since the beginning of the year. Someone said it was a great choice so, I am proud Ladies and Gentlemen. Before that was Welcome by Radical Face.

I was going for 10 songs but we have 15 so that’s a plus and a Play list for the weekend.  The Soundcloud  mix  by Taio Triipper as promised; can be found here

Or if you love the sound of nature as you work or write, consider Birdsong FM.
As you’ll see my choice of music is laid back with a bit of rap.

Full disclaimer : Some songs are in Swahili, skip them  but if you want to learn Swahili, listen. Most songs are Christian, as you’ll soon find out from the content on my blog.

For Swahili rap, go to Now you Know by Nyashinski,  If you are going Koo koo over someone, Elani is down below. If you are going through something and need some encouragement, listen to You’re gonna be okay by Jenn Johnson.
Have a lovely weekend  and Baraka Tele.

Happy birthday by Harmonize 
Fight song by Rachel Platten
Brother by Seth & Nirva ft GabeReal
Rivers and Roads by the Head and the Heart.
Down in the Valley by The Head and the Heart
I’ll find you by Lecrae ft Tori Kelly.
Beautiful by Mali Music
Burn by Group 1 Crew ft Lauryn Taylor.
Hold back The Rain by Group 1 Crew
Now you know by Nyashinski.
Welcome Home by Radical Face.
Try by Colbie Caillat.
Pioneers by For King and Country.
You’re gonna be Okay.
KooKoo by Elani Muziki.


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