20 Positive Affirmations For Christians and Bloggers

As a writer and a creative, I have often struggled with business, blogging and my faith. Do I merge them or do I separate them? I have realized that my faith is the force behind what I do. Perhaps it’s the same for you. You, like me, might need a couple of power verses to get rid of anxiety, impostor syndrome or any other struggle before you can dive in your work.


Positive Affirmations


For me, I have a vision board in which I have written and placed pictures of all I want to be and all I want to achieve. Which is the first thing you should do? Visualize where you want to be and what you want to achieve, write it down and make a vision board from it.


Make the affirmations about who you want to be, or what you want to be. Again, we want the things that are yet to become.


If you are a Christian and a blogger, here are some of the affirmations I used last year that have come to be and others are in the process of becoming.


On Blogging:

  1. I have x email subscribers ( Input a number you want to achieve).
  2. My blog is claimed on Pinterest (I was having trouble with this due to tech issues)
  3. I have 20 Pinterest followers. (Currently, I have 35 followers)
  4. I have 600 Medium followers (I have 379 Followers)
  5. I earn $200 from my site. ( Put the next milestone you’d like to achieve)
  6. I have an ongoing fashion series.
  7. I invite travel, paid creative opportunities, financial gifts and beautiful aesthetic spaces into my life.
  8. My Spirit attracts God Inspired ideas that produce a million dollars.


Some of these blogging affirmations were inspired by the challenges I was facing while blogging and the milestones I wanted to achieve. For months on end, I could not get my site claimed on Pinterest. After much back and forth and deliberation with web developers, I had my site moved to another server to see if they had mixed up my CNAME records and that solved the problem. Prior to that, I put 20 Pinterest followers as a number because I wanted to have it so badly.


I eventually did and I now have 35 followers looking to go to 1,000. I have now claimed my site on Pinterest and have a tailwind account and could not be any happier. Pinterest traffic is something you want to take advantage of.


If you’d like a free month trial of Tailwind, click here.


On Christianity:

The Kingdom of God suffereth violence and the violent take it by force. Take affirmations as the weaponry you’ll use to get to the level you want to be spiritually. To speak in tongues or to have a strong inner man and a resilient spirit. If you need help with making affirmations, read mine to guide you or google Joyce Meyer’s positive affirmations. They will guide you and give you a better understanding.


  1. I have a strong inner man.
  2. I am the greatness of the Lord.
  3. I shall enter the rest of God.
  4. I love people and people love me.
  5. I am capable of receiving love and I’m capable of giving love.
  6. I am identified with the Lord’s death.
  7. I have the disposition of Christ.
  8. I am born of God and the evil one does not touch me.
  9. I am holy and without blame before Him in love.
  10. My faithful God will come to meet me.
  11. God delights in my prosperity, health and wealth.
  12. The Joy of the Lord is my strength.


Positive Affirmations


Out of the time you spend with the Lord, put down all the areas you’d wish to improve and become, then pray about it and speak it into existence. Positive affirmations help you speak things into existence such that when you sit down to work on them, God is backing you up.


When you have that quiet time with Him, He’ll speak to you in those areas that you have spoken and prayed on. Whether spiritually or in your business.


What positive affirmations do you go by? Which ones have come true? Let me know in the comments


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