I am Weak, For then I am Strong

I have hit a glitch in some economic research. Recently I have not been blogging much. As opposed to before when I would feel very guilty, I am not. I feel okay about it. Don’t get me wrong, I love blogging and plan to upgrade my blog and give it a facelift; now I just ain’t feeling it.


I have been feeling very private lately. I even feel a bit awkward sharing posts in my facebook which gives me a lot of traffic, and I know the answer to that, I think.
I think I let out too much. Should I even blog in the first person?
I suppose the answer lies with the purpose of my blog, lifestyle, Christian walk, poetry. I don’t know but will figure it out.

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So many things have happened this year that I would have no problem if someone said,” you know what, let’s jet in 2018 already!” I have been stretched to limits I never knew I had and I feel God is expanding me, stretching my horizons, getting me out of my convenience, comfortable life and giving it a new dimension.

Instead of Praying for Other’s to Change, Pray for Yourself

After all, you are only in control of yourself.

I am not perfect, have never claimed to be perfect but in Christ I find perfection. I know my flaws and everyone has glitches. David was an adulterer and a murderer, Moses was a murderer, Elijah was suicidal. Still, God used them. Look at Saul now Paul! I have not fallen, I am still walking this road and the Lord is by my side.
I love how Bishop TD Jakes says that there’s robber in every person, a murderer in every person.

That when placed in the right situation,  in the right circumstance, with the right pressure, with the right stress that person can come to life, thus you have no business pointing fingers or judging others. People can be keen to point out,”  Don’t get tattoos, it is against God’s wishes.”  But don’t check their gossiping tongues.  It’s human nature to point out what’s wrong with others and if they were in a position to change that life would be better. It’s hard for people to rather ask what they should change about themselves.

I am Weak, For then I am Strong

You know how strong your faith is when you go through tough times, through the fire, when the Word of God is on your lips but you can’t even say it and through it all, you emerge strong. You may not feel strong then, but God is closer to the brokenhearted and if all the strength you have is to sit down, then sit.

Recently I have been feeling that there’s got to be more to life. There’s got to be more! More than being a student, a daughter, a Christian, more than being ordinary! I want what the eye has not seen, nor the ear heard. How to work for the extra so to achieve the extraordinary I will tell you in subsequent posts( slowly figuring it out).  Something ought to give; the bridge between what my eyes see physically and what my spiritual eyes see ought to close.

I have been working on a lot of things which will be revealed as they materialize, or not, depending on what God leads me to do. I can definitely tell you this, that if you’re in a place that you feel comfortable and convenient, then your time is up. You have outgrown that place, and need to revisit your goals and purpose because life’s all about challenging yourself and taking risks, otherwise, how will we grow?
Listening To: Spirit break out by William McDowell.
Reading: The Wait and Live Long Strong.

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  1. Enikanoselu 'Kizo' Daniels May 15, 2017 at 12:19 pm

    Said it all. Don’t stay in a convenient place for too long…(let me add) when you know a grave and large percentage of your assignment is still hanging undone. 👍👍
    I’m back Sarah😊

    1. Sarah May 15, 2017 at 3:03 pm

      Welcome back, gives me something to look out for😃. Yeah, workload keeps piling up but I’ll manage.


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