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Morning Kenyans and hello world. Today is the 19th day of the love blog challenge and I love the smell of a new week. Last week was a bit meh, but I’m loving the mangoes currently. It’s mango season and no fear of malaria can stop me.


Todays prompt is beliefs; religious, political, and their spill effect on other aspects of life.
When it comes to religion, I don’t like thinking about my beliefs and faith in terms of religion. Yes am a Christian but religion kind of says that am wrong and you’re right, or am right and you’re wrong. It’s kind of a blanket that doesn’t get to the core of the matter.
However my beliefs in Christ and His word does influence my decisions. Sometimes before I do something, I know whether Jesus don’t want me to or not. If He don’t and I still do it, the hurt or disappointment afterwards is huge. Because our decisions have repercussions.

Differing Beliefs

When it comes to associating with people of different faith and political beliefs, it depends.
Peter in the Bible says we should have a reason to defend our faith, but if I feel someone is engaging me not because they want to learn about it but to trap and engage me in endless arguments I refrain from such arguments.
However to people of different beliefs, I respect their beliefs although I might not agree with them. No matter the difference in beliefs system, it doesn’t justify the prosecution that is currently in the world.
Politically, I’m a bit petty😊😛. Memes, we make it rain with memes. I mean some political ideologies are just ludicrous.

Beliefs based on opinions, facts or faith

Faith outruns morality. In my opinion, morality can only take you so far but faith holds and binds.
Beliefs based on opinions are personal and vary from one opinion to another.
Overall, It’s good to believe in something or a Being greater than yourself, an ideology or a fact. It grants you hope, foundation and a structure of how things should be.
What do you believe in? Let me know in the comments.
Love, S.

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  1. charlenemarie11 February 20, 2018 at 2:11 am

    I love that you say you refrain from arguing with people who argue with you just to argue and don’t really want to learn. We have way too much of that in our world.

    1. Sarah February 20, 2018 at 4:15 am

      Yes. No use riling yourself up


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