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Stop Rolling your eyes

The people you are addressing are in front of you. Not inside your head. The title is a bit dramatic. You possibly rolled your eyes.


You roll your eyes whenever something doesn’t add up, when someone is being melodramatic, to a text or when receiving a call. It’s going to catch up with you. I roll my eyes at a text, when I can’t seem to say the right things, when someone is lying, receiving a phone call, it’s bad. I also stammer, it’s not that bad but it’s there and when words come out faster than I intended, I roll my eyes.


It’s a habit I want to quit.  It’s a habit you should quit. Rolling your eyes is not a habit you want to take with you to official and formal settings, job interviews, video interviews because the people you are addressing are in front of you, not in your head.


Stop Rolling your Eyes

  • Rolling your eyes is not cute. It can often be interpreted as rudeness, arrogance, irritability, aggression, and immaturity in handling upsetting situations.
  • Rolling your eyes might work against you if you’re in an interview and roll your eyes as opposed to saying what you really mean or feel.
  • It also shows the other person that they are too dumb to understand and thus are put off amid conversations.


Rolling the eyes is not a good gesture. When addressing people, say what you want to say. You can be excused during a phone call but in front of people or your parents( If they don’t smack them off your face), it’s going to be interpreted as rude.

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  • April 23, 2018

    When I feel anger, I complain quickly.
    It’s my bad habit that I can not keep silent?😭

  • April 23, 2018


  • April 24, 2018

    Oh I love this. I have discovered I am a eye roller and now I have a potential 11 year old daughter who may be one😬

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