Affirm Yourself.

This is the path I have chosen  and I will follow it.

“pathway in forest wallpaper” by Marco Meyer on Unsplash

The take away I got last week after a meeting with a group of creatives;artists, comic writers, film producers, thespians, actresses and musicians, is to affirm myself.

A lot of times we criticize ourself or work in the midst of chaos. We can even start doubting if the path we’ve chosen is correct or do we abandon it and pursue another?

I am enough.

What you are currently working on is great. Don’t be too harsh on yourself or pressure yourself into creating a masterpiece.

After working with artist who paint on canvas or charcoal art I have realized that sometimes art is just art. It will evoke different emotions and understanding in people. Not every one will hate it, and not everyone will love it but it has an audience.

So affirm yourself; You are enough.

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  1. susiewilliamsonblog September 5, 2018 at 11:32 am

    A lovely blog and great advice. I often think self-doubt accompanies any journey of creativity, whether writing, painting or anything else. Those nagging questions of whether something is good enough, and ultimately whether you’re on the right path, can be wearing. It’s nice to have these reminders to stick at it, that you’re good enough. Thank you.

    1. Sarah September 5, 2018 at 2:11 pm

      You’re welcome Susie. Just create through doubt and anxiety❤


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