Your Outlook Matters.

….and we were in our own sight as grasshoppers, and so we were in their sight. Numbers 13:33

“rule of thirds photography of woman on top of mountain” by Mike Wilson on Unsplash

I have been reading the top writers in medium for instance Benjamin P. Hardyand Tom Kuegler and have been seeing a lot of negative Nancies on the comments section. Those comments suggest that the writers’ ideas of being happy/successful/content/productive are hinged on them being white, or American or “stealing ideas from books” or some other cynical sounding suggestion.

Which goes to suggest that someone not characterized by those parameters cannot be productive/successful/content/ happy etc. While it’s true that there are societal discriminations, we at times undermine the power we have.

A post on Facebook like, “I feel nice” can get an answer, “Who asked you?”

In a world that so much is going wrong, I admire people who choose to see the positive side of the world, and teach others how to transform the negative into tools to work with; from their experience. You have no right to sow anxiety and negativity into other people’s space.

Maybe the ideas can’t work for you as a person, or as a race(for those who dwell on that), or as a community; but have you written or suggested what could work for your(s)?

This world could use a little more advice, love, inspiration ideas and acceptance. Don’t take a writer’s ideas or tips and take it as the gospel, take what could work for you.

If you want to disagree, be nice. Let’s not let the keyboard turn us into heartless people or keyboard mercenaries. If they were sitting next to you, how would you disagree with their opinion?

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