How Journaling has Helped me and Why You Should Journal

How Journaling has Helped me and Why You Should Journal

This year has been such a whirlwind. So great and I know that it could have been greater had I just started this one great method;


I had been journaling earlier before that but not the purposeful kind of journaling. A little bit of to-do list, more to-do list and to-do list that have been carried forward and procrastinated to the next day. They helped me but around July I got serious.

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Before that my journal was a mix of gratitude, to-do lists and expressions of utter frustration.

Here is an excerpt from my journal,directed to Jesus at a time I felt overwhelmed (disclaimer, it’s a bit foolish and prideful, but a friend is born for adversity);

I had no influence over what he(Adam) did. I have to suffer because they were too hungry or loved red colour…I am tired of having to put up with things because Eve loved a little red colour. 7/12/2018

Reading this later while going through my journal, made me realise what the Bible says that we yearn to be changed into the incorruptible nature of Christ but until then we are to have courage because He overcame the world.

Journaling Articles on Medium Helped me

I started reading journaling articles on Medium and really searching them, reading and trying to incorporate that in my life. My goals seemed to big, my days short, no money, and I wanted to make sense into Journaling and make the most from it.

I have rounded up articles on why I think you should journal, why journaling is a productive trait to have :

I could post more articles but those are the top most. For more just search Journaling on Medium. Some of these articles are locked posts but others are not. These are  well written articles on journaling for you and can inspire to get into joournaling or back at it

How I Changed Journaling and Benefited From It

I made weekly goals. These were great in holding me accountable and working towards them day after day.

Divided the weekly goals into daily goals and I ended up with:

A blog.



I am finally going to graduate this December. I had failed a unit and I felt so bad about it. I didn’t miss my graduation but as a perfectionist, that can dampen your moods.

A Job.

I am learning a lot in this job with regards to creating curated content for clients, website data analysis and the metrics that are important to judge the growth of your website.

Higher Self Esteem and Productivity.

I am so glad of my personal growth this year and I look forward to a quadruple of the same next year. Much of these growth has been from reading other writers here on Medium, my Faith, and a lot of other problems that actually made me grow.

1000 Words a Day

Nowadays I strive to write a 1000 words a day. It’s really great for exercising my writing muscle and being productive. I have so much things to write about but so little time so this is a good way to be effective. I also read this on a writer’s profile on Medium and it’s working for me too.

Peace of Mind

Cringey posts or entries on my journal give me a lot of peace. Dumping words without stopping is a really therapeutic as you write what you’d never say to someone as words have impact.

2019, I plan to be more keen, efficient and productive in all that I plan to do, and one major way of doing this is Journaling.

For now, I just want to graduate, curate content for my blog and the end of the year with affirmation from this year; that I can do anything I set my mind to. You can too.


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