Follow These Fashion And Beauty Tips To Look Great This Valentines

You can have anything you want in life if you dress for it. ~ Edith Head

Hey peeps, if you are looking to be cute, look nice, get dressed up for Valentine’s or simply look well put together even when you don’t have any plans if you are working or simply don’t have funds to splurge; I got you. Plus these tips are never out of season. If you want to always look put together regardless of the occasion or festival.

1. Red Lipstick

You can never go wrong with a red lip plus it’s more the colour of the season. Red roses, red lippies, red floral dresses and rose wreaths will be the theme this Valentine’s. Couple your red lipstick with a great lip liner to give them a more fuller look and make them more defined.


Doing your lipstick and drawing your eyebrows will always make you look put together even when  you have zero make up on or are in a rush.

2. Have A Fashionable Jacket With Lapels

Always view jackets as accessories to your clothing. A great jacket will make a dull outfit look two times  better while a dull jacket will hide your bomb outfit.

The plan on Valentine’s is to brighten your outfit. Not make it dull.

3. Get A Manicure And A Pedicure.

Nails tell how well you take care of yourself. As ladies, nails will always determine how presentable we are and if we  put thought in how we look. While there can be a tendency to be self-obsessed with how we look, charred, rough and bitten nails and cuticles are not cute especially on Valentine’s. This is one day where we make an effort for our partners.

If you don’t like nail polish, you  can always make them short, presentable, even,apply a dash of colourless nail polish to keep them simple but cute.

4. Do Your Eyebrows

This one is controversial because we hate pain but no pain no gain. For the most part, it’s not as painful considering how you look afterwards and how long they take to grow back and become bushy.

Set your eyebrows with an eyebrow brush and fill them in with a pencil or a pomade. Additionally, carry an eyebrow pencil and pomade to fill them again if you have Valentine’s plans for the evening.

5. Accessorize With A Great Handbag

My tip for handbags is buy two expensive handbags and then forget about buying handbags. Essentially, they’ll serve you longer and they are also more stylish in the long run than cheap handbags. What’s more,you don’t when you’ll be called to an important function and it’s always great to have something presentable. I’m sure some of you will be surprised this Valentine’s :).

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6. Carry Little Perfumes Samples in Your Bag

Almost everyone will be working this Valentine’s but if you have dinner plans for the evening, spritz some perfume on and have a great evening. Perfumes come in handy after you have been dashing the whole day but have evening plans.

7. Wear Black

Black is never out of fashion and style and when it’s not the colour for the season, it’s nice to move from the usual red, pink and florals. If you don’t have anything to wear or haven’t done laundry (hello mid-week), opt for black and rock it.

If you anticipate having a basic Valentine’s with plans in the evening, these tips will help you to look great and transform to suit whatever plans you have. Spritz some perfume, dash a red lip, wear that lapel jacket to go with your outfit for the day and have some fun!




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