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Today I am  excited to have Monicah guest post on ‘What To Pack When Travelling and The Factors To Consider.’ Monicah is one of my blogger friends from Nairobi and has interviewed me before on her blog. To read more about that article, click here.

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Travelling is fun! Travelling is life! I mean, if I had the time and money I’d be a globetrotter, am actually working on making that work because it’s actually possible with this digital age. So, what does one pack when travelling? Want to know what is usually in those backpacks that travellers carry around town?
First, there are several determinants on what to pack:

  • Weather predictions
  • Culture
  • Amount of time to spend at the destination
  • Cost of living
  • Luggage carrier cost
  • Personal preferences

Before making your way to your destination, carry out research to make your packing easier and your stay smooth.


Weather predictions

Different regions have different weather periods /seasons at different times. Carry out a search to know what to expect at your destination. If it’s cold weather, then pack for cold weather and if it’s going to be sunny almost throughout, pack light clothes.



While some cultures will be relaxed about the dress code, some don’t. Especially for women. Some cultures won’t respect or assist a skimpily dressed woman while for others, the dressing does not matter.


Amount of time to spend at the destination

Your luggage is dependent on how long your stay is. If long, you might even need to buy soap to constantly wash your dirty laundry.


Cost of living

If the cost of living is affordable for you, you can always pack light and go purchase say, toiletries at your destination.


Luggage carrier cost

The times I’ve travelled by bus and train, I’ve not been charged for luggage cost. But I understand that for flights, the more you carry, the more you are charged. To get more information, visit the website of the airline you are using.


Personal preferences

Last but not least, this is your vacation, what do you want to wear? Carry that while at the same time keeping in mind all the above factors.


Basic items to always have/pack unless you intend on buying them at your destination:

A bag that can fit your items

Could be a suitcase or a duffel bag or any bag you are comfortable with. For heavy luggage, I’d advise a bag with wheels which eases the weight for you as you can roll it on a smooth surface. For light luggage, a backpack comes in handy.

  • Tiny bag to carry around items like a passport when exploring the destination.
  • Outfits that suit the above state factors.
  • Toiletries, that is tissue, toothpaste, toothbrush, bathing soap, body oil, and sunscreen.
  • Gadgets, that is: phone, tablet, laptop and camera, power bank, whichever necessary
  • Snacks, it’s cheaper buying from your local store or town over getting them at say the airport or train station.

A book, a notebook, a pen.

Sometimes gadgets get tiring and our minds need a different distraction. A notebook and a pen come in handy as you can write up anything and everything, it’s actually therapeutic. Hard-copy books are also a good distraction to read through your trip.


First aid kit

Few people carry this with them. But it’s good to note that portable first aid kits exist. Emergencies happen and you might not always be the victim. You might end up saving someone else’s life.


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