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Since most of my readers loved Victor’s article on how to apply for a Hungarian scholarship, he’s back to tell about essential items anyone going to study in Hungary should carry. If you are coming to study in Hungary, you are going to need some items. Here in Hungary, some things are cheap while are others are expensive.


Make a packing list and include essential items you might not find in Hungary. If you’re coming from Kenya or any other African country, items like spices, shoes, and cosmetic products are a rare find in Hungary. These items are different from what we have at home and you might take a long to get used to them.

As for hair extensions, buy and carry in bulk.

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Hungary’s essential things for students

1. Someone To Pick You Up.

It’s important to have someone at the airport waiting for you. They’ll show you around Budapest and take you to the train station if you’re going to a place like Debrecen.


2. Have at Least 10000 Forints Already Converted For Taxi Services

For a first-time traveller, convert your money to your home country, in this case, Kenya. However, if you’re late in converting your cash, look for a forex bureau in Budapest. It’s advisable for new travellers to have many currency denominations to allow ease of travel. Have your cash in forints or euros, not Kenya Shillings.


3. A Four-Wheel Suitcase (It is easier for you to carry your luggage.)

A four-wheel suitcase and a carry on bag. As a student, you’re going to have a lot of luggage so maybe two suitcases and a laptop bag.


4. Documents

Forget everything but do not your documents. This includes every document you used to obtain your passport and visa and documents required at your new school. 


5. Clothes 

Light clothes for summer and heavy clothes for winter. Pack as many as you can. If you’re going to Hungary in September, you have some warm months before winter starts in December.


6. Kenyan Spices 

In Hungary, there are no spices such as Pilau Masala and other Kenyan spices. You might have to carry your own spices and figure out how to pack them.


7. A Good Laptop.

Similar to the University System in Kenya and all over the world, you need a good laptop if you want to enjoy your studies and ultimately your studies abroad.

8. Footwear 
Shoes here are a bit expensive as compared to Kenya.

9. Braids 

For girls only: It is hard to find braids.

10. Your Cosmetics 

Before you get familiar with the cosmetics here: A lot of things are in Hungarian.

11. A power bank 

Trust me you need it.

12. A European socket to your country type socket. 

All Hungarian sockets are European type.

13. Water 

Maybe a litre, of Hungarian water is not that sweet. In Hungary, remember to buy only pink labelled water.

14. Sunglasses.

(b). Other Things 

  1. Camera.
  2. Medical supplies (Paracetamol, anti-acids).


  • Passport/visa(s) – Not sure if you need a travel visa.
  • Personal ID/Student ID card – If you’re a student, some companies offer discount cards to help you get good deals while on the road.
  • Credit Cards.

Never carry your passport in your pocket, instead have a separate bag. Your passport is your ID and you will need it everywhere. Once you get a resident permit, leave your passport at home not unless going to an official place. In case you lose other documents you can always re-apply using your passport. Otherwise, keep your passport safe. In case you lose your debit call your bank immediately so as to cancel the debit.

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