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By Victor Nderi

So, this year when I arrived in Hungary, I managed to get a 2-bedroom apartment at 160000 Hungarian forints in the city of Debrecen. The same house last year would have been around 120000 Hungarians forints. This house is away from this city centre and if it were in the city center it would be quite expensive. It is not that far from the city Centre about five stops by bus.
The same house in Budapest would go for almost 250,000 Hungarian forints, Budapest is pricier than Debrecen being the capital city and every capital city is always expensive in terms of rent and real estate. If you are coming to study in Hungary bear in mind that you will pay more if you live in Budapest.
Moreover, the increase of international student through scholarships and self-sponsored students has brought a boom to Hungarian Rent and Real estate. IN 2018/2019 year, over 4100 scholarships were awarded by the Tempus Foundation that is responsible for the Stipendium Hangaricum scholarship. That does not account the scholars of the young Christian foundation, Erasmus and self-sponsored students. This means every year over 5000 students need accommodation. This has led to hiking of houses prices especially on the months of August and September.

How To Find a House in Hungary

If you are looking for a flat in Debrecen you can use the following agencies website. Call the numbers on their websites or even visit them. They should be able to help you enquire about the house. Sometimes they do not answer messages or calls. It is wise to take yourself there in their offices.
1. Royal Agency: (search on Facebook)
2.Great Forest
3.Viva rent
4.Find a home
5. Iris rent
Once you find a flat, you contact the agency or the owner directly. You plan when you will see the house and you sign the contract. The contracts stipulate the rules set by the owner(landlord/lady) and you as well. The contracts are normally written both in Hungarian and English. If you are unsure about a clause on the contract please seek clarification before signing otherwise you might get a bad deal.
The flats/apartments are furnished and if you come from the tropics you should know that the rent increases during winter times due to heating of rooms.
Some of the houses do not allow pets, loud music, partying and smoking, therefore you have to ask before signing the contract. If you break your contract you stand to lose your deposit. The deposit is normally to months of rent which has to be paid before moving into the house.

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