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Today I’m excited to have Naomi talk to us about her experience touring Malindi. Naomi is an avid traveller and a lover of life and fun. Take it away Naomi.
I gotta say that truly, from the deepest part of my big heart, .. that am a sucker for travelling. The excitement that eludes in my face when am planning for either a vacation or a road trip to somewhere I have never been to before is just epic. I literally can’t keep calm!… It’s all about sandy beaches and gorgeous resorts when it comes to a dream holiday getaway and this is what makes Malindi one of the most popular holiday destinations in Kenya. 
From Mombasa Town, Malindi is a three hour away drive.
My first trip to Malindi was in December 2018. I love visiting the coastal towns of Kenya at least once every year just to give myself a breather from my busy schedules.
The SGR had not started operations when I was planning for the trip, so I booked a bus to Malindi with mash cool coaches because they give me an exquisite travelling experience when it comes to travelling by bus. Honestly speaking, I envisioned the town to be quiet with not much to do…
Just somewhere you go when you want to have the same experience but different place but what I found was just the complete opposite. Shame on me for underestimating this precious gem!
I did not have an itinerary, because I was too lazy to prepare one… Kept telling myself I can do it off head haha bad idea. There was just much to do such that when I settled that night in my villa I immediately took out my diary and planned out things to do on my 2 days stay at the resort as follows :

#Day 1:VISIT VASCO DA GAMA PILLAR And Marine national park. 

The one thing you will not fail to notice when you walk around the town is the Swahili-inspired architecture, laid-back atmosphere, fresh seafood, friendly people and the cool breezes that brush your face. Learning about the Portuguese voyage and Vasco da Gama’s adventures from the local tour guide was so fun for me because I love stories about the worlds before the 20th century.

Image Source: Jumia

My favourite part about this day was visiting the marine park. Did you know that Malindi marine park is the oldest marine park in Kenya? Well, now you know…I took a glass-bottom boat ride to the sand islands in the ocean and was extremely lucky to spot mako and three whale sharks. The cost of a boat trip depends on your bargaining skills, but expect a two-hour outing to cost around KSh2500, with glass-bottom boats from around KSh3500 for two hours.
I took a dip in the ocean, did snorkelling for the first time after much convincing from the group, but man I had mad fun doing that haha.


The one thing I loved about visiting GEDI ruins is that I got a strong feeling like I was travelling back in time. The Gedi ruins remain a mystery to archaeologists. Proving that ancient African society was intricate and advanced, the Gedi ruins have all the markings of an ancient cosmopolitan settlement. Thought to have been founded in the early 13th century, it was a city complete with streets, running water and a sewage system.
I got some time to be alone while I was there and the peaceful atmosphere threw me into a state of getting in touch with myself and meditated about my life for almost an hour before hunger pangs hit and I knew it’s time to leave this city of ruins that are filled with so much mystery and secrets. 

Gedi ruins, Malindi, Kenya, East Africa, Africa
Image Source: Robert Harding

On this day I was feeling upbeat, energetic, psyched up because I was gonna go out. I love having a good time, dancing, sipping some wine. So I headed to this nightspot a friend of mine had told me about called ‘Sinbad the sailor’. Yeah, catchy name hehe… But on my way there I couldn’t help but notice how much the nightlife in Malindi is vibrant. You easily get spoilt for choice on where to party.
Nevertheless, In the Galana Centre, Sinbad is the upmarket place of choice for a night out in Malindi, with a smart and young crowd who start off with cocktails before moving onto the packed dance floor. I made friends with some Italian ladies who really gave me amazing vibes… This day couldn’t have ended any better.. a molte altre avventure! 
Ama la vita!!!!!! 

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