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how to make money in budapest

Since most of my readers loved Victor’s article on how to apply for a Hungarian scholarship, he’s back to tell about studying in Hungary, and whether it’s possible to work there and pay your tuition. Take it away Victor.

So, you finally got the scholarship and you are coming to Hungary to work and study. Congratulations. You are going to get a stipend which MIGHT not be enough for you. You are thinking of coming to work-study. Well, I have some advice for you.

How to make money in Budapest

First of all, you have to get a tax card which is easy to get and takes fifteen business minutes at the tax office. Secondly, you have to go through an agent and ask them for available jobs. You take one and they guide you through. In addition to this, you have to pay them about three thousand forints. It is the easiest way to get a job. They might ask for your certificate student status which your university will give you, your tax card, passport. resident permit… etc.

Thirdly, you are not going to be RICH by doing student jobs here. Don’t come here with some crazy ideas.  Remember you are here to study first and make the most of the scholarship. You should not compromise your learning so that you can work for many hours.

However, if you are a PhD student you can always look for a good job here and get paid. Good luck with that because you are not fluent in Hungarian and there is a chance, they will consider native speakers since most Hungarians do not understand English and it will be hard for you to provide services to people here.

stipendium hungaricum entrance exam

In Debrecen, there is a customer care call centre that pays approximately eighty thousand Hungarian Forints and you have to work for twenty-four hours a week. There are also others that pay ten thousand forints per day but they are hard to get into and you work for twelve hours either night or day shift.
In Budapest, there are more opportunities and better pay. I don’t live there so I cannot really know the exact figures. Budapest pays better than most cities but the rent there is expensive. Very expensive. Other cities don’t pay well but the rent is cheaper there.

In conclusion it means, you cannot pay for your tuition using money earned here because you might spend it all on rent. Money here is for your upkeep and pocket money and small savings. Well, you can buy the latest iPhone with it because here they accept instalments after being registered with an internet service provider for 6 months with the salary. What I am saying is student jobs here give you money to enjoy and have a financial emergency backup but not enough to have a work and study program.

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