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Money has always been a funny topic. We need it to survive, to live our day to day lives yet we can’t talk about it. It’s one of those taboo topics especially if you’re a woman. Even more taboo if you’re a Christian.

Talk about is a Christian and you’ll be too preachy about the prosperity gospel. Talk about it too little then perhaps you have a scarcity mindset. Talk about it as a woman and they’ll say you’re leaning too hard on your masculine energy. Be in check. Use your feminine energy. Ask without asking.

A feast is made for laughter, and wine maketh merry but money answereth all things. Ecclesiastes 10:19

Ecclesiastes was written by Solomon the son of King David. He was the wisest and wealthiest man of his time, had lived in the palace and had seen a lot of fine things. He’d regarded the wisdom and the life of men. Needless to say that we should trust his judgement, wisdom and advise.

He’s wise to say that money answereth all things. Money is the reason countries and tribes went to war or colonised other civilizations.

All of us could use a little more money. It’s the answer to our current predicaments. More money could mean not being evicted out of your house, having an emergency fund, settling your student debt and other debts or showing up for other people n their times of need.

With the current crisis, man and the entire civilization is going to have to rethink the money situation and how it’s handled.

For the love of money is the root of all evil; which while some coveted after, they have erred from the faith and pierced themselves through with so many sorrows. ~1 Timothy 6

This is a verse that’s peddled to mean that money is evil. Here, Paul’s writing to Timothy emphasizes that godliness with contentment is admirable and we should aspire to be godly and content.

The emphasis on money being the root of all evil (love of money) is that people become so consumed with the love of money, they then begin to do things that are contrary to their conscience, the higher power they believe in and their self. They give in to temptations and live unjust lives ( gaining wealth through illegal and unjust means).

Temptations are not bad, in and of themselves. Temptations are merely shortcuts to the desired end result. Our wants are good and valid, but the way we choose to meet them is wrong and destructive.

It’s possible to have wealth and obtain riches in a just manner while still being a faithful steward.

Whatever you do, do your work heartily, as for the Lord rather than for men.~ Colossians 3:23–24

Be diligent in your work, in earning your money and let your work be a kind of worship to the Lord. These are the times where we need to look at the concept of work, what it means and who we’re working for.

Sometimes, and especially in jobs we hate or are stuck in; we have no idea who we’re working for and we might clock out at 3:00 PM to head over to Facebook, Twitter or read a couple of Medium articles. At times we need to read a couple of articles to get through the day.

2020 is the year to rethink the concept of work, the 9–5 routine and what that will mean after the current crisis. I think it’s high time we fit work around our lives and not our lives around work.

Define who you work for and why you work.

Divide your portion to seven or even eight, for you do not know what misfortune may occur on earth. Ecclesiastes 11.2

The concept of saving did not begin today with Dave Ramsey who knows his stuff and a few financial bloggers trying to make money from showing us how to make money.

King Solomon says divide your money into eight portions. How in the world are we going to the money to make 8 divisions of it? Well, it’s time to start squirrelling away a dollar here and a dollar there. The book of Proverbs, says, consider the ant.

Have you ever seen an army of ants carrying itty bitty pieces of food and making thousands of trips? Exactly how we should be. That’s why I don’t despise articles on here that make $1.00. I got paid to have an opinion and voice the opinion. Not many places do that.

Currently, everyone is shaken. Those with money are afraid of losing it. Those without money aren’t speaking. On top of it all, governments are telling people, hungry people, to social distance themselves. There’s a saying in my community, ‘a hungry person is not told.’

If you want a hungry person to listen, feed him first. Most governments are suffering as they spent all the money to fund their bellies and were not good stewards of public money.

At the end of this crisis, each person has to rethink their notion of money, their concept of work and their reasons for voting.


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