3 Ways To Prepare for Success in 2019

Success in 2019 is based on 2018.

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Finish your Old Goals

All those goals you set for 2018? It is time to finish them. You have 56 days there about to finish them or go back to them. Finishing old goals will help you transition to new goals and give you motivation to start on new ones.

For me I need to graduate and go for my passport. Those are the two remaining goals and I have started on them. I have began on them because I want to start on a new set of goals come 2019.

What do you need to complete?

Define Success for you

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Success has a different meaning for everyone, and rightly so.

Stopping an old habit.

Exercising and losing weight

Self- hosting your blog

Kick-starting various creative projects for your blog, YouTube Channel or redesigning your creative space.

Launching your own company.

Traveling to your dream country or taking a vacation.

For 2018, I had defined success as;

  • Earn $500 from writing.
  • Get a Passport.
  • Buy a Nikon Camera.
  • Travel to Egypt for a Volunteer program.
  • Tour and Explore Nairobi.
  • Graduate from school.
  • Self-Host my blog.
  • Read the Bible from Genesis to Revelation.
  • Learn and Improve my knowledge of French.

I have paid for my Passport, all that remains is to take my documents to Immigration’s office. I paid for it in July. Somehow I have not found time because of my job and the long queues at Nyayo House.

My blog is up. Check it out and give it some love. In addition I am graduating this December and I have earned more than $500 in my writing since I wrote them down.

Writing escalates commitment.

Leave Old Habits

Old bad habits.

I love a song by Lecrae called Cry for you. Some habits are thorns in the flesh. You’ll be going strong for days on end or even months but one day you fall back. You fall back into the same old habit. Don’t hate yourself. Believe in yourself and get up.


Don’t give up on yourself. If we give up on ourselves, then Jesus died in vain.

Build your Mental Resilience

It is so easy to get stressed in the current world that we live in. Obstacles everywhere, shootings, hate crimes everywhere. It is a lot. There is a lot that will want to steal your joy.

Choose Joy. For me, the joy of the Lord is my salvation

Go hiking.

Start swimming or walk kilometers on end.

Get out of your comfort zone and toughen yourself up.

Lastly, quit complaining and exude joy!

2019 success

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