5 Youtube Channels That Teach Career Success and Financial Stability

I graduated from college in 2018 and since then, I have immersed myself in podcasts that teach career stability, financial stability and self-improvement. 

You are a recent graduate and you’ve recently started to immerse yourself in podcasts and Youtube channels to learn more about career development and personal development. 

I’m not an expert in finding your footing. However, I’m on the same journey as you are, I have been through internships, got a job and moved into my own place recently.

The key to moving forward is making plans, budgeting and immersing yourself in the knowledge that will propel you forward if you use it.

The YouTube Channels Will Get You Started in The Right Direction

  1. The Dave Ramsey Show- YouTube Channel

So you got a job and you’re looking to save and get ahead in life with what you’re making and possibly multiply it? Listen/watch the Dave Ramsey show on YouTube. Dave gives all the best advice, keeps it 100% and knows his stuff.

From the Dave Ramsey YouTube Channel, you learn:

  • Financial baby steps.
  • Things that will make you wealthy.
  • Investing, Mortgage, emergency and retire funds.

I recommend this Youtube Channel for anyone looking to build wealth. He has sound advice that caters to a more westernized audience with financial principals than can be applied by everyone.

  2.The Financial Diet- Youtube Channel

More like the Dave Ramsey Show, the Financial Diet is a YouTube Channel by Chelsea Fagan that teaches college graduates how to be wise with money, navigate the job market as well as office politics.

This is one of the YouTube Channels that I listen to while doing house chores and I find it insightful. Whether you are employed, self-employed, freelancing, or trying to get out of debt, this channel is a must listen to.

  1. Terry Savelle Foy- Youtube Channel

This is a faith-based youtube channel that focuses on creating a vision board, having a routine and building the life you want.

You have to faith it to make it.

I have listened to Terry since 2016 and I like her stuff!.

  1. Manifestation Babe Podcast

Manifestation Babe is a podcast by Kathryn Zenkina about manifesting the life you want. I found it very inspiring and I binged on all the podcasts at first. 

Although there are some things I didn’t necessarily agree with, I find it insightful and it’s a good place for anyone who’s looking for clarity or wants to strengthen their sense of self.

5. Jorden Markelle- Youtube Channel

This Youtube channel is food for my work. If you ‘re a content creator or a freelancer this is it. If you want to join this as a career choice or a hobby, Jordan teaches freelancing, blogging and creating content.

These 5 channels will get you started and guide you in the right direction in terms of knowledge, resources and making progress in any area in which you choose.

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