7 Things I’ve Learnt After Recording 10 YouTube Videos

Coming from a world of writing, editing videos seems like a big task.

And it is. I started my YouTube Channel to complement my writing and travel blog. While I knew it was a lot of work, the amount of work to be done was unexpected. Shoot videos, record videos, edit videos, edit thumbnails, YouTube SEO and promote videos.

It’s possible to hire a Video editor, but this being a new side project, I don’t have the budget for it yet, and I wanted to be involved in this part of the creative process. I have posted 11 hiking and writing videos since July.

 For the record, I started this channel in July 2015 and posted the first video in July 2021.

Here’s What You Should Know About Being a YouTuber

Your First YouTube Videos Will be Trashy

Unless of course, you have the budget to pay a video editor.

I didn’t. At first, I shot everything on my iPhone x before I moved to a Sony WX 500. As you can see the video quality has improved since then. However, I can still shoot on the iPhone if necessary.


You Have To Learn Video Editing

You can use apps like Capcut as a start.

I found it good for making quick TikTok videos. Then I moved to Adobe Premiere Pro and learned editing with YouTube videos. I’m not the best yet, but I can piece together raw footage which is way better than when I started in July.

At first, my YouTuber sister edited the videos for me, in exchange for other services before I got myself an Adobe account.

You Have To Work on Your Lighting

As you can see from my videos, my lighting is pretty okay. I use my normal living room light and a 10 Inch Ring Light with a 7ft (2M) Tripod Stand that I purchased on Jumia. Here is the Amazon equivalent of the same.


You have to exude confidence

And increase your vocal presence.

Your normal voice is not going to be as audible nor exude the confidence that depicts you have authority in your topic. So you have to work on your vocal range and your confidence while on Camera.

I’m currently looking to invest in a lapel microphone.


Learn how to title and write Headlines

Which is something I’m still learning.

However, as with article headlines, clickbaity headlines will get you more views; and clickbait is not a problem so long as your content delivers. Headlines with negative connotations such as ‘This is Why X is not…’ or headlines with particular emphasis such as, ‘This One Thing Will…’ attract more views as they lean towards controversy.

Sometimes, a simple headline works best. Learn to headline.


Learn how to create YouTube Thumbnails

Since starting the creative journey in 2016, I’ve used Canva and stand by Canva.

I highly recommend it for creating YouTube Thumbnails. It has premade templates so that you don’t feel like you’re starting from scratch, and you can change colours, images and edit them to your fitting. For YouTube, I highly suggest keeping a consistent colour pattern and design so that the overall theme of your channel feels cohesive.

Personally, I like pastel colours and I always tend to stick with that.


You Videos will be Redundant at First

Especially if you’re still finding your camera presence.

You’ll record 10-minute videos that should have been 5-minute videos. And that’s okay. Your 10th video will be better than your first video, and your 100th video will be better than your 10th video.

Starting a YouTube channel is not a walk in the park, but if you have a blog, it can really enhance your credibility. Additionally, creating mini blog posts for your YouTube videos and embedding the videos will help you increase the views on your channel, especially if your channel is new.

Don’t be afraid to test the waters with 3 or 4-minute videos!


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