Amazon Fire HD8 With Alexa Review

I got the Amazon Fire HD8 last year, so I could read more books, have more books at my disposal whether from buying them or getting them from free apps and be able to read from anywhere since it’s portable and designed for reading.

What Amazon Says about Fire HD8 With Alexa on The Box

Fast and Responsive with HD DisplayVibrant 8” HD display (1200*800), powerful quad-core processor, stereo speakers, Dolby Audio and long-lasting battery. Seamlessly stream your favourite entertainment with dual-band Wi-Fi or enjoy offline with up to 400 GB of expandable storage.

Designed For Entertainment
Enjoy millions of movies, TV Shows, songs, books, apps and games – including BBC iPlayer, Facebook, Spotify and more. Choose from thousands of HD videos to download with a Prime Video membership, Netflix subscription or other services.

Just Ask Alexa
Alexa provides quick access to information and entertainment with your voice. Use Alexa to ask questions or to play your favourite song, find new movies and TV shows, open apps and games, show sports scores, hear a joke, get the news, display the weather and more.

Be Together More
Alexa will connect you with the people who matter most. Make a hands-free voice or video calls with friends and family who have a compatible Echo device or the Alexa app.

Great for the Whole Family
Best-in-class parental controls let you set screen limits, manage web browsing and create educational goals to fit kids’ needs as they grow. Give kids access to age-appropriate content, including over 30,000 curated websites and videos.

What’s included:  Black Fire HD8 tablet (8th Generation), Amazon 5W adaptor, USB charging cable, built-in rechargeable battery, personalized special offers and sponsored screensavers.

My Thoughts About Amazon Fire HD8 With Alexa

I love it.

It serves the purpose I bought it for which was reading with additional benefits such as:


You can download Netflix and watch your favourite shows. I have done this before in the past but I found that it’s distracting in terms of reading purposes. Instead of reading, I’d get stuck in a Korean drama.

If you are an avid reader, download Goodreads and rate the books you read, save your highlighted quotes from those books, get book recommendations and follow favourite authors.

To maximize your usage, download Google Apps such as Gmail, and Google Drive to enable you to carry your work.

Download games to help you unwind. I downloaded Chess and Candy Crush. Chess allows me to rest awhile after writing while exercising my brain as it is a strategic game.

Another app you can download is the Free ebooks app which has Top 100 free books recommendations across all topics and also books recommendation for every topic such as religion, romance, business etc.

Here are Books That I Read and Reviewed From Free ebooks App:

Book Review: Doing What it Takes: The Online Entrepreneurs Handbook

Book Review: How To Make Money Blogging

What I Didn’t Like 

Before purchasing Amazon Fire HD8, it’s best to do some research on which apps are available and which aren’t. I tried downloading Medium and it wasn’t available plus a horde of other apps.

In addition to this, Kindle Unlimited is not available for readers outside the US. Kindle Unlimited is a subscription-based program that allows you to read or listen to an unlimited number of books from any device.

These are the two main issues I had when I first started using the Amazon Fire HD8. Overall, I would recommend any avid reader to buy it, get on the Kindle Unlimited if you’re in the US, download the free
ebooks app, Goodreads, and
start reading.

Amazon Fire HD8
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