A Successful week; Lake of Beans Screened!

Film Screening 

As you know my film screened on Wednesday at Alliance Francaise. At the beginning of the Year, I did not know that I would come close to Directing a film, much less animation. The week has been great added to the fact that Wednesday was a holiday and made it possible for me to go to my own screening.
I knew I wanted to write about great things. The previous year I had been wishing that God would increase my Hood.


“people sitting on chair” by Erik Witsoe on Unsplash


That there’d be people of all professions surrounding me and may I never take them for granted.  It happened.
Make your request known to God. Write them down in detailed form, describing word for word your request and He will give you bread, not stone.
It did better than I expected it too and was among the 24 Films selected for Screening among 116 films.

Life is so subtle at times you don’t notice yourself stepping into your dreams. ~ Uknown.

In the subtleness of stepping into your dreams, don’t forget you once prayed for where you are.

Chokora Culture

I also found a blog that is trying to help Street Kids in Kenya, from the perspective of what do the girls do when they receive their menses?
This beautiful blog focuses on the plight of Street Children or Chokora in Kenya.  It is hard to help every person in the world  but each one of us can focus at one person, one group and the world will be better.





Publishous is a Medium Publication that accepted me to contribute for them. A huge plus for me as they have a huge following, and one can write on the topic of Faith which I love. I am also excited to meet other writers on that publication.  I also contribute for Writers Guild, P.S I Love You, and  The Post-Grad Surival Guide.
I will be posting the posts that I write on publishous here us a series so look out for that.


My job as a Content Creator involves a lot of writing which has for a while taken me away from my blog, albeit writing on Medium.
I am back now and I trying to strike a balance between my work, writing for publications, my blog, personal time and most importantly my Faith.

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