How to Style an Ankara/ Kitenge Outfit

” Tell your heart that the fear of suffering is worse than the suffering itself. And that no heart has ever suffered when it goes in search of it’s dreams because every second of the search is a second’s encounter with God and with eternity.~ The Alchemist~ Paulo Coelho

This Ankara outfit was inspired by Pinterest, plus I also wanted to have an African outfit because am African y”all… It’s my birthday on Wednesday(27th September) so I decided to go for a photoshoot as a gift to yours truly. It’s my first photoshoot so am incredibly happy with myself. There’s a little foundation situation happening there but we’re not going to talk about it.



The Bare Shoulder Look

The V-Neck

What I have loved about this material is that the colour doesn’t fade and that it’s a heavy material.
It is a bit crispy and ironing efforts may go unnoticed but overall a great material.

Bossy Ankara Look


The  material is a Ghanaian material and cost me around Kshs 2500, that’s 25
dollars and I paid Kshs 1800 (18 dollars) to have it tailor-made.
I have two straight dresses and the only difference is the shoulder designs.
I have paired with a black blazer but it can also go well with a denim jacket and Maasai earrings.


The V-Neck and Ruffled Edges

The white wedges are from a boutique in Nakuru along Kenyatta Avenue( I
don’t remember the name) and I love them because they are easy to pair
with. They cost around Kshs 1700, that’s 17$
The earrings are from the Maasai market.

V neck ankara dress

Ankara clothes are great for any occasion from ruracio/Aso Ebi/ bride price occasions, church, outdoorsy occasions and pairing them is effortless.
Overall, I am now familiar with photoshoots and I look forward to having another one. If you’re in Nakuru and looking for a photographer, hit me up.


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An Official Ankara Look



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