Your Beliefs About Money and How They Affect You

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Money is a touchy subject. No one wants to talk about it. God forbid women to talk about money.  But here’s the thing, you need money to survive. Repeat this to yourself until it actually sticks.

After writing for a while now (4 years, 2 as a hobby and 2 years as a career), I have realised that there is a general belief that writers should not make money.

Writers should not talk about money and it should never be considered a career. Being a writer is considered a low paying job until they hear how much you make if you’re doing well.  Over time, I noticed that I absorbed these biases and notions to the point of thinking about changing careers and going back to Statistics, although I don’t know if spreadsheets excite me. 

I do know that money excites me though.

Whether I make a career change or not is a non-issue. The issue here is the beliefs we have about money and how these beliefs affect our reality.


Your Passion and Money are Mutually Exclusive – They’re Not

I was being paid to do what I loved, and there’s no gig on earth better than that; it’s like a license to steal. ~ Stephen King

For the longest while, I had internalised the beliefs and fear of other writers, the biases of outsiders and owned them. The idea that writing doesn’t pay and writers should never talk about money because God forbid they offend anyone.

They’re writers like John Gorman, Shannon Ashley, Shaunta Grimes and Tom Kuegler making insane amounts of money writing. For them, it’s a career. It’s self-employment. For them, passion and money aren’t mutually exclusive.

You can earn money from your passion. Start seeing your passion as a business.

Maybe one day I will make a career change, but it will never be from the aspect of finances. Writing and blogging will always be my first love and there’s no reason why I can’t merge data and writing.

Figure out how to turn your passion into your business. Or add aspects of your passion into your career.




Some People Deserve Money, Just Not You

You deserve money.

You deserve to manifest money and resources while acting in a flow state with regards to your life purpose.

However, no one is going to hand it to you. You have to create opportunities for yourself or create a place at the table if there’s none for you. By all means take over the table. This might mean learning how to negotiate for yourself,  being committed and pursuing growth.

For example, I am reading books on online businesses, freelancing, blogging and coding as this is my line of work and I want to amplify my results. 

Learn how to negotiate because you deserve money and increase. If you haggle at the market for deals, you can haggle in boardrooms. Read books on negotiating if you have to. 


I Can’t Be Successful As These Factors Stand Against Me

You can.

You will.

It will take much more time and commitment. What I like about Dave Ramsey’s financial advice is that he says that his advice works for everyone. It’s not limited to people who went to Ivy League School graduates, white people, black people or any set of people. 

I do understand that at times societal, structural, governmental and economic challenges make it harder for us to pursue financial success but we should never stop.

Your positive or negative beliefs about money affect how much you make and attract. Do some soul searching and get to the root of the matter.


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