40 Gift Ideas To Gift a Blogger or a Writer

When I started writing, I wish I had researched or had a seasoned writer show me the ropes on what to do. Much of my success has come from trial and error, implementing, failing and finally succeeding. I was drawn to blog income reports and felt like blogging was such a big hurdle as these bloggers were making more than $300 — $1,000 a month in affiliates, ads or shop sales. Which is what many bloggers do. They compare themselves to bloggers who have been in the game from 2010 or 2015. Whose blogs are getting massive traffic. In this regard, If you’re looking to gift a seasoned or new blogger; I know all the practical gifts that would make sense to a blogger or a writer.


Books As Bloggers Gifts

Buy books for that serious blogger who’s into reading. She reads and reads. This blogger is serious about work-life balance, mental, spiritual and physical health, fiction, young adult, name them.

She probably has some books she’d want to read and here are my suggestions:

  1. The Four- Hour Work Week by Tim Ferriss
  2. Soar by Bishop T.D Jakes
  3. Crush by Bishop T.D Jakes.
  4. Daring Greatly By Brene Brown.
  5. Sex, Jesus, and The Conversations The Church Forgot by Mo Isom.

Stationery Gifts For Her Corner Office as Bloggers Gifts

You guys, I can’t emphasise enough the importance of having a home office. It doesn’t necessarily have to be an entire room but it can be a corner. Having great accessories such as calendars, books, markers, sticky notes, cardholder and pens can add a work vibe to her space.

Here is some stationery you can get for any writer in 2019:

6. Markers.

7. Notebooks.

8. Self-care Planners- Click here to buy the self-care planner Angela of Stray Curls.

Self-care planner from straycurls.com

9. Drawing Books.

10. File Holder

Strong Bags For Bloggers on The Move

Nowadays, you can write about practically anything on the face of the earth and it will have an audience. So long as you do your research, there will be someone reading your work.

Consequently, there are as many bloggers as there are niches and in this regard, here are bags you can gift a writer depending on the niche that suits them most.

11. Stationery bags — Got to carry all the pens, markers and erasers.

12. Lunch bags.

13. Makeup bags -for fashion and beauty bloggers.

14. Totes while on the move.

15. Backpacks.

Writing and Content Making Apps as Bloggers Gifts

Apart from writing, a lot goes into editing graphics, stories, pictures and making it palatable for readers. This article alone is over 3,000 words, not counting SEO, graphics, blog courses or the time spent.

I’m not complaining but there’s a lot of talk going around about blogging being easy and a quick way to make money. It’s not. Thus said, here are the apps that would any writer happy to receive as a gift:

16. One Year of Tailwind— Tailwind is a Pinterest scheduling app and makes it easier for bloggers to get traffic from Pinterest.


17. One year of Convertkit — Converkit is an email marketing platform where you can send emails to your subscribers and notify them of new posts.


18. One Year Of Grammarly — Grammarly is a proofreader and edits your work as you write. A lot of times, bloggers have to write 3,000+ words to make content SEO friendly and provide value to readers. Anyone would jump at the mention of one year of Grammarly or Tailwind as a bloggers gift.


19. One Year Of Medium as a Bloggers Gift— I write on Medium and I’m paid per article based on Member engagement. To be paid on Medium, you have to join the Medium Partner Program on a membership account where you pay a monthly $5 but make more depending on how many times you write in a month and the engagement you have, mainly known as claps.

If your friend writes on Medium, click here to gift them.


20. One Year of KWsfinder — SEO is hard. Figuring out how the Google algorithm takes time, reading and effort but it’s what it takes to bring organic traffic to your site. KWsfinder enables you to figure out how competitive your keyword is, which keywords are best to write and rank for and the LSI words.


21. One Year Of SendOwl

Know of a blogger selling digital content? She’s probably using SendOwl to sell their products and host their affiliate programs. Gift them a year of SendOwl and their blog is on it’s way to greatness.

Click here to explore SendOwl.

Blogging Courses as Great Blogger’s Gifts

I’m a fairly new blogger and writer in comparison to other bloggers. This means that there are a lot of courses being thrown my way for me to buy or to enrol in.

If they’re free, it might mean getting my inbox full of fluff emails with nothing to implement. If they’re paid courses and my blog is not nearly to that level, it might mean I wasted my cash in enrolling in these courses.

Since I started blogging, I can only vouch for Meera Kothand’s, Anna’s and Angela’s free email courses as having been impactful in my writing career.

If you’re looking for gifts for new bloggers, email courses in blog development would work really well:

22. Start a Money Making Blog — Free Course by Ana Of The She Approach

Ana is a full-time blogger and she makes thousands of dollars from blogging. When you subscribe to her emails, you’ll see that she knows her stuff. From the content to the creatives and the email sequencing, Ana shows you what to do by simply sending her emails.


Send them this free course by Ana :).



No one wants to create a failing blog. We want traffic and traffic that converts into money, subscribers, networks and clients.

Click Here To Find Out More About Ana’s Course.

23.The She Approach eBook Bestseller Course

As a guru in the blogging niche, Ana has a course on how to write a book and sell it on your blog. Traditional publishing is not what it used to be. While there is still value in being published, self-publishing has opened doors for authors and topics which never would have been published.


Image Source: The She Approach


Right now, you can write a book, publish it on Amazon, market it and become a bestseller in a few days. It’s not as easy as that sentence but it shows there’s power in technology and the world is evolving.

If your serious blogger friend is looking to get into self-publishing, get her this course. As a bloggers gift, it will clear the waters for her. Click here to learn more.

24. The Secret Sauce To Skyrocketing Your Blog Traffic

The biggest shock for a new blogger is taking long to research and write an article, get through the self-doubt, publish it, then crickets.

*More crickets and total silence.

Writers rely on feedback. Negative or positive. We want feedback. The expectation that your article will be hit with pageviews as eyeballs upon eyeballs soak in your well-curated piece of content is soon deflated as it dawns on you that you have to market your blog.

Image Source: Stray Curls


This course by Angela will equip you to bring in the traffic. She’s knowledgeable and uses beautiful illustrations to bring her points home. Her blog has great Pinterest engagement and comes highly recommended.

As a blogger’s gift, it will impact her page views and move them higher if she follows Angela’s advice.

Click Here To Learn More

25. Gift Your Favourite Writer a Kindle

Kindle is like a treasure house for writers. You buy the books directly from Amazon, read them, highlight and review all in one place. If you’re in Amazon Associates, you can recommend your favourite reads to your readers and earn a commission when they buy which I think is a great thing.

Any avid reader knows the importance of having books at your disposal. If your writer is a bookworm, buy them a kindle as a gift.

26. Noise Cancelling Headphones

Writing requires concentration and quiet. A writer at times may have to write in a noisy place, at a Starbucks in a house full of kids.

A pair of noise-cancelling headphones will do great for them.

27. Blog Planners as Bloggers Gifts

Bloggers and planners love writing, planning and journaling. The three go hand in hand. Some prefer digital planners like CoSchedule while others are old school. I’m old school.


Bloggers Gifts
Image Source: Stray Curls


This colourful, cute and in-depth blog planner from Stray Curls is the perfect planner. Consider it as a bloggers gift. It’s a practical gift and would be a great choice when thinking of what to get a blogger from Christmas.

Click here to get the planner.

30. Journals as a Blogger’s Gift

I have written on the importance of journaling here and here. These two articles are some of my most-read articles. Journaling is therapeutic, and your friend would appreciate the thought.

You can buy one from Amazon or get this planner to remind her of self-care.

31. Starbucks Gift Card

While I’m not one to write in Cafes, most bloggers do. You can find a lot of self-employed people working at Starbucks and Java.

Give your friend a Starbucks card as a bloggers gift, they’ll appreciate.

32. Laptop Stand As a Bloggers Gift

Working from your bed or sofa is tiring especially if you have no desk. A laptop stand is a great bloggers gift as it increases their productivity.

Now they can churn out more content with no back pain all thanks to you :).

33. Envato Elements as a Bloggers Gift

Looking for great WordPress themes? Envato has great themes to offer. I got my theme from Envato.


bloggers gift

Simply tell your friend to choose one or three themes from Envato and pay for the themes. Happy friend, happy life :). Click here to explore Envato elements.

34. Boss Mugs For Boss Bloggers

Nothing beats a personalized mug. Do you know mugs that speak of writing and blogging inspiration?

Get one of these as bloggers gifts. They’ll love it. It shows you care and are invested in their passions. Which you are.

35. Personalized Tote Bags For Busy Bloggers

Again, an inscribed tote bag. A Tote bag full of personality and feisty as your friend. It can be about any niche she/he writes on.

Get one or three. They’ll love it.

36. Wall Decor as Gifts For Bloggers

If you’re in Nairobi, House of Leather is a great place to start for wall decor or prints. Added to a corner office, they bring in personality.

Get a wall decor or prints as bloggers gifts from House of Leather and make your friend happy.

37. Books on Blogging

Lastly, if you think your friend would prefer a book to a course, here are the blogging books I recommend:

38. Blog Traffic eBook by Angela.

Angela from Stray Curls teaches bloggers how to get traffic that converts in her book.

bloggers gift

Gift a blogger her book.


39. The She Approach Pinterest eBook

For anyone whose blog posts are getting dusty on the shelves, Pinterest is a must-have. Every day, bloggers and people on Pinterest are searching for content. Pinterest is a gold mine for traffic, resources and lessons from seasoned writers and bloggers. As a bloggers gift, The She Approach Pinterest eBook will come in handy.


Bloggers Gifts

Gift your blogger friend this book and watch her Pinterest presence grow.

40. Ask them what they want

It’s easy to assume what they want is a blogging gift but they might need something else, they might not necessarily want bloggers gifts but other gifts like clothes or perfumes. Ask them and gift it to them.

If you’re still reading this post, I hope you enjoyed it. Which gift would you like to give or receive? Let me know from the comments below.


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    1. Nderi Sarah August 31, 2019 at 7:50 am

      Thanks, Monicah, I appreciate. If you want to build your blog’s traffic, I’d suggest starting with KWsfinder so as to rank on google and taking The She Approach’s Free online course. After you implement their advice, you’ll see a jump in google traffic. Cheers!

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