Book Review: The Freelance Content Marketing Writer

Book: The Freelance Content Marketing Writer: Find Your Perfect Clients, Make Tons Of Money And Build A Business You Love by Jennifer Goforth Gregory

Pages: 274 Pages

Reading Time: 4 hours 15 Minutes

Goodreads Synopsis

Join the ranks of high earning freelance writers.  Earn six figures as a freelance content marketing freelance writer with this comprehensive how-to guide. This book reveals their secrets.  Inside is everything you need to know to start or grow a freelance content marketing business. Jennifer shares her proven ideas, step by step processes and templates for writers of all career stages. Hundreds of writers (including Jennifer herself) have used these methods to find high paying clients, increase their income and create businesses they truly love.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Craft an LOI that’s worth $10K or more.
  • Create a website and LinkedIn profile that brings clients to you.
  • Tap into your experience and skills to find your perfect niches.
  • Write great content that your clients love.
  • Design a business that gives you work-life balance.


I came across this book around the time I discovered Doing What It Takes: The Online Entrepreneurs Handbook by Connie Ragen Green. So it made sense to have it on my reading list. It’s a book filled with actionable tips for full-time writers, journalists who want to transition to freelance writers and content writers who want to improve their writing process, methods and learn from the best.

I love the book and I’m currently reading chapters that really spoke to me, my situation or my writing process. Moreover, I joined Jennifer’s Facebook Group to see what other writers are doing in their craft, how they’re presenting their work and of course earning money.

One of the little things that stood out for me is Jennifer talking about typos. She says she shouldn’t be the last set of eyes to look at a piece of writing because she’s a typo queen. I’m also a typo queen and although I try my best to correct work, something ends up making it to publishing.


This has not affected Jennifer, so don’t let it get to you either. As always, here re my favourite quotes from The Freelance Content Marketing Writer.

This is the thing: there is no perfect client. There is just a perfect client for you.


Each writer has to find the balance of clients that work best for their personality, their industry and the work/life balance they want.


Building a business that you love doesn’t happen overnight.


One of the best ways to network with other writers is to help another writer that you know.


If you’re a good writer, you’re not going to be a fit for every client who hires you.


If you aren’t at the income level you want, you just need to step back and figure out your unique path to get there.


If you think that the work is not out there, then you give yourself permission not to find it instead of being persistent.


The decision to work with clients that I like was a game-changer for me. It made me realize I was in charge and helped me chose projects that were the best fit for me.


The quotes I have shared are all about mindset and how to change your mindset as I don’t think it’s fair to share all of Jennifer’s work. I do recommend reading this book as it has changed how I view my craft and how I present my work. This is a work in progress and something I take step by step.


I finished this book in March and I’m currently reading Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill. Which book are you currently reading? Let me know in the comments.


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