Book Review: How To Make Money šŸ’°Blogging

When I first got my Fire Kindle, I downloaded all the free books I wanted and samples to books I wanted to buy. If you’re an avid reader, it makes sense to have a Kindle for easy reading, or writing on the Evernote app.
The only restriction with Fire is that you’re limited to the apps you can download. I was a bit disappointed that I couldn’t download the Medium app.

Book: How To Make Money Blogging By Bob Lotich

Pages: 31

Reading Time: 1 hour or half an hour.

Goodreads Synopsis: In 2 years, Bob went from not knowing what a blog was to making more money blogging than from his corporate day job. Bob Lotich founded back in 2007 and after getting laid off in 2008 he took the leap into full-time blogging. Less than a year later he was earning more from his blog than his previous day job.Ā  While his results are not typical, this book covers all the steps he took to make money from his blog over that two-year period.
These are some of the topics covered in the book:
  • 4 Steps To Start Blogging in 10 minutes.
  • Blogging Basics.
  • How to set up a self-hosted blog.
  • The importance of a customizable WordPress Theme.
  • 3 Primary ways I earn from my blog.
  • How long does it take to make money from your blog?
  • How to get traffic to your blog.
  • SEO Tips for bloggers
  • How I increased Adsense earningsĀ  $1,500/m in less than 3 months.
  • 9 online tools that made it possible.

My Thoughts

I would recommend this book to anyone who has never started a blog at all. It has some great tips for beginners such as the meaning of a blog, the best platforms to use and how to make the most from selling ad space. I definitely don’t recommend it to anyone who has ever started a blog, or anyone who’s not looking to monetize their blog by selling ad space.
Since Brian refers to his writing and blogging period in 2007, I found most of the information outdated, but still helpful especially when it comes to optimizing Google Adsense and having a privacy policy for your site.
I would have liked to read more about monetizing a blog through digital products, affiliate marketing, ebooks, dropshipping and so much more. Being a free book referring to 2007 experience, we can’t fault Brian’s as it’s a perfect picture of blogging in 2007.
Take away: I recommend the book for anyone who has never started a blog.
P.S: A hugeĀ shout out to Hunida for inspiring meĀ to write Book Reviews and I used her style of writing.
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