Book Review: Doing What It Takes: The Online Entrepreneur’s Handbook

A big goal for me in December was to decompress, lessen my online presence, read books Saturday as I try to figure out what I want in the next year and next decade. Running this blog, writing on Medium and as a career I find myself thinking about what it means to be an online entrepreneur.
For people who love books đź“š, they’re a guiding light on what you’re going through and provide knowledge and advice on what you want to do it the person you want to become.
Much of the work I do is online, and more often than not, I find myself fatigued from social media; physically and mentally drained from writing and they’re periods in which writing is not fun anymore.
This is part of the reason I ordered this book from Amazon, and it was free for Kindle owners.

Book: Doing What It Takes: The Online Entrepreneur’s Handbook.


Author: Connie Ragen Green

Goodreads Synopsis: Are you willing to do what it takes to live a successful life and build a lucrative business? Connie Ragen Green shares her knowledge, ideas, and expertise on this topic in this book. The concept of a “playbook” gives you a step by step blueprint to how you can change your life completely and create a business that will give you the time and financial freedom to call the shots in your daily life and run a business that makes sense for your lifestyle.

My Thought on Doing What It Takes

I find Connie very relatable and she starts the book by kicking fellow writers, bloggers and content creators in the butt 🙊.  Writing online is difficult and challenging but here’s her answer to that:
Difficult is losing your husband to cancer and having two teenaged stepchildren to care for while you are still grieving. Extremely difficult is having cancer multiple times, and then being seriously injured at work, and not knowing what the future of your physical capabilities may or may not be. Challenging is being in a work situation where almost no one has much respect for you and you are publicly humiliated on a regular basis, and yet you cannot quit because you need the paycheck or you will lose your home and not be able to care for your elderly mother.
According to her, maintaining a WordPress site is a piece of cake.  This was an awakening moment for me to be more mindful of what I regard as difficult and to show up no matter what if I’m ever going to become an online entrepreneur.
Another thing I found quite interesting from a writer’s/bloggers/digital Content Creator perspective is her relationship with social media. I have a love-hate relationship with social media. It’s great for marketing but can be intense with too much interaction, not to mention wasting time.
This is what Connie says about social media, “My motto for all social media is to “get in, get out, and get back to work.”

My Highlights

“Do what others won’t for a year so you can live like others can’t for the rest of your life”
Entrepreneurship is more about who you are, what you stand for, and how you will get your message out to the world in a way that serves others.
The human brain is a powerful organ, capable of more than any computer will ever be able to achieve. Reach deep into the recesses of your mind and know that you can do, be, and have anything that you want.
An example I will share that might make this more clear is one in which someone decides to relocate to a new city. Does he or she find a place to live first, or find suitable employment before looking for a home? The answer is that the employee gets the job first and then finds a place to live nearby. The entrepreneur first chooses the place they wish to live and then does whatever is necessary to set up an office not far from their new home. Or better yet, they work from home and skip the office altogether
Writing every day during your “prime time” hours will allow your inner voice to finally speak its mind.
“Not feeling like it” will never be a reason not to accomplish even the smallest task or goal.
Know that the resistance is coming. Accept and embrace this as a part of the process of changing your life and becoming a successful entrepreneur.
Putting yourself online in any way shape or form requires a lot of patience, integrity, persistence, and wisdom when it comes to what to share and what not to share. Earning from that presence and becoming an online entrepreneur requires you to have a business mindset and acquire the knowledge from those who have done it.
For anyone thinking about being an online entrepreneur, make sure to check out this book. Shop Now on Amazon.

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