Book Review: Sun Stand Still By Steven Furtick

Each of us is called to be a Joshua- each in our own way, in our own circumstances with our God-given personality.

Sun Stand Still was an exchange with a friend. Girlboss with Sun Stand Still. It’s a friend’s Kindle purchase which I quickly started reading one lunch break at work and which I enjoyed immensely. The book is based on Joshua’s prayer that the Sun stands to give him more time in the battle. It’s about audacious faith. Asking God for the unthinkable and the “Impossible.” Tapping into what the average Christian is unable to tap into with the regards to Faith. It’s about exercising your Faith boldly, in courage without fear believing that God is able to do exceedingly abundantly above all that we could ever ask or think, according to the power that works in us.

Sun Stand thou still upon Gibeon; and thou moon in the Valley of Aijalon.~ Joshua 10:12

The first batch of quotes I had was lost due to a tech error but I still have some more. The experience I had with this book was that it answered some of the questions as I had pertaining Steven’s courage and boldness in ministry as well as a glimpse into his life. I love Pastor Steven and his wife Holly, and I am part of their e-fam on most Sundays and listen to their videos when I am cooking or doing the dishes.

Favourite Quotes From Sun Stand Still

If you’re going to ask God to do something impossible in your life, you’ve got to have some clarity about what you are asking for.

Accomplishing the impossible is all about seeing the invisible.

But I have discovered that these crises of belief don’t have to be the end of faith. They can become a foundation that a stronger faith is built on.

Seeing God’s vision means deciding that you will not spend another day surviving your work environment, family dynamic or dysfunctional situation. Instead, you will bring about the substantial change for the glory of God.

When God speaks, he doesn’t stutter.

Rules without revelation result in rebellion.

Discovering God’s vision is one of the primary ways God teaches you about his character.

Does the brand of faith you live by produce the kinds of result in your life that you read about in the Biblical stories of men and women?

If you ever encounter theology that doesn’t directly connect the greatness of God with your potential to do great things on his behalf, it’s not Biblical theology. File it under heresy.

If the size of your vision for your life isn’t intimidating to you? There’s a huge chance it’s insulting to God.

Confident disregard for the status quo is the essence of the gospel.

If you’re not daring to believe God for the impossible, you’re sleeping through some of the best parts of your Christian life.

I want you to live in the middle of a move of God.

I did not manage to compile a lot of quotes from this book. Between soaking in Steven’s wisdom, going back to scriptures and reading before bed, less writing was done. I would advise a person believing God for great insane things to read this book and know that the God of Joshua still works. If you’re looking to grow your faith or belief in Jesus, then there is no better way than soaking up the knowledge of those who are very Spiritually mature.

Books I Have Read This Year:

  1. Men We Reaped by Jasmine Ward.
  2. My Utmost For His Highest by Oswald Chambers.
  3. Becoming by Michelle Obama.
  4. Sun Stand Still by Pst. Steven Furtick.
  5. Screwtape: Letters From a Senior Devil to a Junior Devil by C.S Lewis.
  6. Born a Crime by Trevor Noah.
  7. We’re Going To Need More Wine by Gabrielle Union.

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Book Review: Sun Stand Still

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