How To Build a Daily or Weekly Writing Habit

I don’t write every day. However, I think about writing every day and write 3 days out of 7 days which is a good number for me. I also do a lot of writing adjacent work such as writing marketing copy, updating websites, product descriptions among other jobs.

These jobs require me to write. A lot. I’m not consistent on medium and my blog, but I’m consistent at work. Having a weekly writing habit works for me as I don’t have something to say every single day.

Spend Time Coming Up with Writing and Blogging Articles

My work articles are pretty much decided on. However, I have the freedom to write what I want on my blog and my medium page. I spend some time coming up with 7 articles for an entire week. Of these, 2 or 3 might make it to writing and publishing.

Spend your Sundays coming up with writing topics and write them on Google Docs or on the Medium editor. You can add a little body if you already have issues you’d want to tackle in the above articles to make sure you don’t forget them.

Outline Your Articles for an Effective Daily Writing Habit

Most of our resistance comes from seeing a blank page, and outlining your articles solves this by ensuring you’re not starting from zero. You’ve tackled the bones of your articles and you’re ready to work on the depth of it.

Outlining your articles also helps you include any details you or your client feels should be included. It’s also advisable if you are a freelancer to include your outline in your pitch or send the article outline for approval before starting on an article. It helps reduce double work.

Have a Word Target

My target is 500 words a day. I don’t have a crazy target like 5,000 words as I’m yet to build my writing muscle to accommodate those words. It also works with the demand for articles on my plate.

On days that I hit this target, I’m so proud of myself. It doesn’t matter if I write 560 words or 2,000 words so long I hit that target and build my writing muscle.

Create Your Own Medium Publication

I’m currently publishing on my publication to avoid the ups and down with editors, for now. Although the reach is smaller, all the articles I’ve published were chosen for distribution. I find that a delay in publishing translates to a delay in writing for me.

I can’t help but wait for feedback on an article before moving on to the next article and I find it’s stressing my writing muscle. If you’re like me, consider creating your own publication for articles that lack a home.

Build a Reading Habit

I recently wrote about how to build a reading habit. Reading books helps me expand my writing ideas and helps me see topics from different angles. For the past 3 days, I’ve not been reading a lot and it has affected my daily writing habit.

Other than journaling, personal projects such as updating my blog and my Medium page have been hard. I’m still writing commissioned pieces, but most of my joy comes from writing, reading on medium, and interacting with bloggers.

Whether you’re a ghostwriter, a medium, or a WordPress blogger, writing is an ongoing process. Topics hit you at the kitchen sink while taking a shower, and when running. Nurturing your brain with books is a great way to make sure you’re never out of ideas and build your daily writing habit.

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