Challenges: Long distance realtionships

Challenges in Relationships

Today’s prompt is Challenges, and more specifically challenges in relationships. The host of the love blog challenge is Brita Long, whom you can find at Brita Long I would say the biggest challenge that I have ever faced is distance and communication. I believe that in a relationship communication is key. I am very straightforward and lack of or shady communication is not going to work for me.

Last year, around my birthday.

In the era of social media platforms, WhatsApp and blue ticks, it’s very easy to dodge communication and ghost someone. Listen, If there’s no communication in 24 hours, there better be a great explanation apart from I was busy. Either you were hospitalized, in an accident or comatose.

Consistency and clear cut communication has to be there for a relationship to function. If you ghost on someone, please stay dead. No use coming back to haunt them after they have moved on. If somebody ghosts you, that’s a sign right there. Don’t consult Dr.Google because if he loved you, he’d never put you in that position.

Consistency and communication has been a challenge that I faced and I move on so quickly. Never take the ” I was to busy excuse” because it has been more than 24 hours and you’ve been wondering if somebody jumped him.


Distance is no one’s fault, sometimes life is just the way it is. The key to distance is constant communication and have a deadline. By this time in this year, this relationship should be at this point, otherwise all you’ll do is mark time at the same place. You can also plan dates or activities together So those are the challenges I faced back then.

Relationships are work. Examine if you are in the correct position physically, spiritually and financially to handle one. Don’t bring someone into your dysfunction and at the same time, seeking relationships and wanting to marry while still eating from your mother’s pot is a satanic dream.

Friendships and Challenges.

When it comes to friends undergoing hardships and challenges I’ll support them. However if I feel/know that they are being shady, I’m calling them out on it. If you want someone’s assistance, be upfront and come clean about the mess. My friends and family challenge me to be a better person.

Sometime last year I listened to a preaching by Bishop T.D Jakes about the good Samaritan. My take home was that there needs to be an increase in your “hood” for you to access help, to move up in life. There needs to be surgeons, teachers, photographers, bloggers, policemen, chefs, people doing diverse things and from diverse walks of life etc for you to move up. Since that day I have prayed that my hood increases and it has actually.

My friends challenge me by motivating me or by the success in their lives so I can work hard too. That’s it for today’s post. What challenges do you face in your relationships and what’s your take on modern day ghosting and miscommunication?

Let me know in the comments, Love,S.

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  1. GingerGoose Boutique February 17, 2018 at 12:20 pm

    the whole idea of ghosting drives me crazy. I’m not going to lie though I did kind of do it last year – but not with mean intentions – I was talking (we never met, never made any plans, it wasn’t serious) to this guy from a dating site here and there and I found out my dad had a brain tumor and needed brain surgery and I just kind of shut down. I didn’t text him back. We never spoke again. I feel guilty some days didn’t mean to ghost him. However I still talked to my friends and my family and people that were regularly part of my life. The routine ideas of ghosting drives me nuts though. You don’t go out on multiple dates with someone with all signs pointing like it’s going somewhere and then just poof you disappear especially in today’s day and age, we know you’re out there dude. lol this is probably one of the big reasons I’ve lost some interest in dating. I just don’t have time for all that nonsense. It’s exhausting. You either want to hang our you don’t, if not I’ll move on.

    1. Sarah February 17, 2018 at 1:24 pm

      Your ghosting is understandable and tied to the reasons I gave that can justify ghosting. I also got tired of relationships partly because I was at fault too. Maybe I’ll get back to it some day.

  2. Mardra Sikora (@MardraSikora) February 17, 2018 at 3:24 pm

    You’re right on point that being open about what you need in communication is key. Also, having friends challenge you is such a positive thing. These are good challenges.

    1. Sarah February 17, 2018 at 3:36 pm

      Yeah. I thank God for my friends.❤❤


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