7 Comfortable Bra Types Every Girl Must Know and Own

The most important thing for a growing up girl is to decide on her bra and with the growing age and the growing breast, one has to decide when to wear, what kind of bra to support her breast so that it won’t give an awkward feeling. While in school girls prefer sports bra, in college they prefer more padded or T-shirt Bra and with the growing age and occupation it changes accordingly.


Here are the 7 types of Comfortable Bra every Girl Must know and Own:

Sports Bra 

Nowadays, due to our regular routine and work schedule, it is essential to stay fit and exercise regularly where Sports Bra come very handy as it helps in maintaining connective tissue. They’re not limited to only those who play sports but also it helps in preventing breast from sagging.  They’re very good for those girls who feel comfortable to wear a bra while sleeping as it stays dry for a longer period of time. It’s surely one to have in your wardrobe.


T-shirt Bra

 This is as comfortable as you sit in your home. You can do almost everything while wearing the same, going to the office, to early morning meetings, going shopping, going to a party and chilling around a friend’s place. It can go up with any dress from ethnic to western wear. It gives you perfect nipple covers as it is lined with cups. It also stays dry for a longer period of time.



Push up gives you a lot of oomph factor as it’s padded under the side of the cups and lift up the breast tissue to give you a sexy cleavage. We will give them a perfect score of ten when it comes to flaunting with full of confidence.



If you don’t want to tie yourself with wires, then Bralette is definitely for you. They are made from lace and keep your breast as natural as they are. They are so light weighted that you can wear them for longer hours. Bralette is available in every style and you can flaunt your body the way you want to.



Again, this will add your oomph factor and help you feel confident while wearing off-shoulder dresses. You should make sure to buy the right fit as the light will slip-off more often and tight will make you uncomfortably itchy. In addition, you can buy them with detachable bra straps. Also, it is available in 2 straps and 3 straps where you can adjust them by hooking on available slots.


Bandeau Bra

These are the most trending type these days. These can be styled as a top as well and can be worn under open shirts and they are very stylish. Teen girls go for this type of bra these days and the most beautiful thing about them is that they are available in every possible colour.


Nursing or Maternity Bra

These types are specially designed for Mom and to be a mom. If you are confused about what kind of size is good for you post-birth, then doctor really recommends you to buy a nursing bra when you are 8 months pregnant.  

Hope our information will help you to pick the best Bra for you!


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