Continually Edit your Life to Depict The Mind of Christ

What up peeps. It’s on Saturday. 9:40 pm and I’m lying down. Went to the bank early to avoid queues and now am back. I’m starting a series on godly dating, waiting, purpose and brokenness. We are flawed and imperfect. We are constantly asking God to mould us. When I started this blog, I wanted to sort of journal my poems and walk with Christ along with the mundane tasks of life. Though I’d like to tell you that this journey is perfect, it’s not.

I’ve found myself having to compromise my beliefs. Twice. I don’t like it. I don’t especially love the feeling it left inside.

Let’s talk about Relationships

I’ve found that it’s easier for women/girls to pursue godly dating. I’ve not pursued it, and it hurt. If you find a man who loves God more than you and is actually leading you to Christ, that’s a bonus. To me, that’s the most attractive thing. You might pursue a relationship with the intentions of godly dating but then your partner doesn’t share those views. Run. Run.

He/she might be open-minded and decide to start a clean slate with Jesus in the equation, if they don’t, run sweetheart. A tormented mind is not the mind of Christ. When we get off the will of the Lord, the Holy Spirit withdraws our peace.

We start rehearsing things, replaying them and second-guessing what the Lord put in our hearts to do. Dating should feel peaceful, it should feel like we’re both finding each other and finding Christ in our relationship.

Continually Edit your Life

Remove everything that doesn’t depict the mind of Christ.

The reason as to why it’s best to avoid fornication or any relationship that doesn’t glorify God; is not because God’s selfish, but He wants to save us from emotional baggage, lack of clarity and wants us as vessels unto honour.

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A lot of people pray about ‘the one’ but when someone who slightly resembles you one appears, they vanish from Church. I almost found me in such a situation. Whereby your answer to that prayer, not necessarily about spouses leads you away from fellowship.

In the month of April, I think, I started a journey on self-development and improvement. I had just lost a friend, just from a relationship, the school was taking forever to complete because of a lecturer’s strike everything was going downhill. I started listening to faith-building podcasts by Terry Savelle Foy, Joyce Meyer, Bishop TD Jakes etc.  Long story short, my life’s basically changing, a whole lot.

The moment you make up your mind you’re going somewhere, you become a threat to the enemy~ TD Jakes.  I am doing so well and then slam! Everything starts going awry. I have resumed my morning routine and Terry Savelle Foy is the first person I listen to in the morning.  I have never been where I am before, I am stronger. I love that I am not where I used to be and I know for sure I am not where I want to be.

Church and Judgment 

The Church is full of judgy people and perhaps you and I are one. The church should be a hospital for people with all ailments; brokenness, gossip, pain, suffering and even want.  But the funniest thing is that people leave all the baggage at the car park and don’t fully submit their whole to God. The church is actually pushing people away by being judgy and religious.


What you do in this period matters a lot. It produces patience. This period should be used for building yourself, researching on your dreams, searching the Lord’s heart, trying out new restaurants, music etc
Do something. Go out there, learn to swim, skate, bake.

It’s tempting to sit and complain about why nothing is not happening at all. It’s tempting to compare yourself with others but the comparison is the death of joy. Do anything you can to improve you, to love you and to reach your goals.

Lessons learnt:

• You cannot have public victory before you win privately 
• What you repeatedly hear you eventually believe. Speak positive declarations.
•Hurting people hurt people. Heal yourself first.
•There’s nothing more miserable than a born again sinner.
• If you’re not hearing from God, do what you heard the last time.
•Until God enlarges your “hood” territory, you may not move to the next level.

That’s it for today folks, have a great weekend.

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