How To Manage Work-Life Balance

On the 13th of March, Nairobi reported it’s the first case of Corona Virus. There was chaos, mass shopping, a lot of trends on twitter and negative trolling towards the government for their lax approach.

As a full-time writer and marketer, my work can be done remotely. I only need great WiFi (which I have ), a laptop and a great stock of food. I managed to get all of these.

For introverts who work at home, freelancers and anyone who can work from home, their work-life is not affected as such. However, if you work in the service industry, you’re probably going to be there your work done.

This article is going to lean more on anyone who can work remotely. Here’s what we can do.

Stock Up On The Necessities

Don’t buy the whole hand sanitizer manufacturing plant. Stop clearing the supermarket shelves and be mindful of the ones coming after you. Buy enough supplies and minimise wastage at home.

You can stock up on:

  • Medical and cleaning supplies; think hand sanitizers (you don’t need more than two if you live alone).
  • Cereals and legumes. They rarely go bad and are a good source of proteins and carbohydrates.
  • Pasta, frozen meat, eggs and favourite snacks.

Create a Healthy Home Office Atmosphere

It can be very tempting to binge on news, Netflix, social media and snack all day. If you’re like me, you can get sucked in a Twitter rabbit hole and stay there for hours. Not only does this waste your time but it also can have a negative effect on you with everyone talking about the Corona Virus.

Play some binaural writing music or calm music. It helps you focus, stay calm and finish one task at a time. My favourite Youtube channel when it comes to writing music is Chilled Cow. Their lofi hip hop beats to study to, relax or write are a bonus.


It’s time to finish all your current reads or read up on ways to improve your business, blog, or writing habits. I’m currently catching up on books, blog posts, medium articles and everything else that I might have missed.

Selectively Watch and Read News

In his Netflix Special, The Age of Spin, Dave Chappelle says that the current generation has been conditioned to not care about events happening in the world. This is because the world has become a global village and technology makes it possible for anyone to know all the happenings.

The interconnectedness has made it impossible for us to care. Something major happens every day. Many people start caring when it’s there town, state or village.

In 2020 alone:

  • We lost Kobe, his daughter and his friends to a plane crash.
  • WHO declared Corona Virus a pandemic.
  • Desert locusts invaded Kenya, Ethiopia, Pakistan and other countries.
  • Other things I do not know happened.

It can feel as if the world is ending. It’s not. Jesus said he’d come back like a thief when you least expect it. A thief makes no appointments so spare us the end times apocalypse.

Take Away: Mute any channel, person or page that gives you fear or anxiety. Take TV, and social media breaks.


2020 is Going To Be Better Than 2019

It may not feel this way.

It won’t feel this way if you have lost anyone to Corona or had your source of income cut due to the economic slowdown.

It will get better.

Trust that. Believe that. Anticipate For better days Ahead.

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