Getting My Passport, Passport Application Tips And The Ultimate Travel Bucket List

I know some of you might be going…” uhhm Sarah, so what?
But getting a passport is a pretty big deal to me and I am sure to other people as well. I applied for this passport last year July, took the documents this year January and went for the passport and my university certificate last Friday. Talk about high achievers :).

But seriously. We all know the mess Nyayo House can be and I am glad their services are getting better.

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My Pieces of Advice When Going to Nyayo House

Apply for your passport before you need to travel. This also applies to passport renewal. It will save you headaches and crazy queues.

Be at Nyayo House by 5:00 AM. By this time the queues have already started. Whether you are taking the documents or going for the passport be early or dedicate the entire day for your passport alone. I got there at around 5:30 AM and by 8:00 AM I had my passport in hand.

What Next?

I am curious as to which country will be the first entry on my passport. I can’t wait to find out but for now I am glad that the hassle with Nyayo House is over and I can move on to better things. Last year I wrote my travel bucket list for 2019 and although I don’t have plans yet, I’d like to see how this plans out.

Opportunity Meets Preparation.

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The moment you want to do anything in life, have faith and venture out. It takes a lot to put yourself out there in careers, hobbies, side projects and  passion projects. But that’s how you learn by trying, starting as an amateur before turning pro. When you start, you’re no longer an aspiring writer/data analyst/ data scientist but you are now a writer/data analyst/data scientist. This is the attitude that I carry in all I do. Start .

When God said that you shall eat the good of the land; he did not limit it to your country. Neither did he determine that the good of the land is not in your country.

Dare to dream and go after all you want by daily executing small minute tasks that cumulatively bring the dream alive.

Happy New Week Everyone.

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Reading: My Utmost For His Highest.

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