Do We Really Need Another Course on How To Create A Blog?

Pinterest Has A Lot Of These Courses and Blog Posts

I have realised that I’m sitting on a lot of information on Blogging on the assumption of every knows this and my quiet personality. After participating in #PubChat and a few prompts by my boss in other areas; I realise that I keep quiet a lot. Which can be really unhelpful.

However, when prompted, I will respond and think, in retrospect how I should have spoken earlier. But do we really need another email course on how to create a blog? I have many reasons against this and the reason as to why I am reluctant into making it.

There are Tonnes of These Courses on Pinterest

If you want a comprehensive course on how to create a blog, I’d recommend the following bloggers:

These bloggers are aeons ahead of me and I’m trying to implement some of their stuff. They have well-curated courses and have created email newsletters that are resourceful and depict full use of automated emails. Also, as a new subscriber, you get the feeling that they know their stuff, and they have their income reports to show for it.

Creating Great Email Newsletters is not Synonymous to Being Great at Integrations

While my email Prowess is getting better each day, I’m still learning how to integrate MailChimp and Blogs, Sites and Ecommerce platforms. In all honesty, some of these require the knowledge of a developer or hiring one.

In addition, I am still learning automation and trigger emails. It’s a work in progress. While I know what to do, implementing doesn’t always lead to the results I’m looking for. So I’m learning, implementing and learning some more.

What Would You Want To Learn About Blogging?

If you want to learn how to create one, be sure to comment down below so I can prove if my theory is right or wrong and see if I can make one exploring the different scenarios to do that.

If you’re in a hurry to create a blog, head over to The She Approach or Finsavvy Panda and learn how to create one as well as the different ways to monetize your blog.

Otherwise, if you want to learn about other blogging topics, let me know.

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