Fashion Accessories You Need To Have Before March

The weatherman has predicted heavy rains starting March. Which is practically within the next 8 days. Most Kenyan highlands will receive heavy rains.

Here  are major accessories and items to buy for the rainy season.

1.Working Umbrellas

Have you ever had a cheap umbrella that flips into a cone every time you are in the rain? It’s not a good experience.  Buy a great umbrella that will not only protect you from the rain but also make you look presentable when you have meetings, need to go out or come in handy during functions.

Selective Focus Photography Of Woman Walking On Street While Holding Umbrella


After all, the Maasai shuka will only protect you for so long! Accessorize with an Umbrella. This doesn’t sound as fashionable but functional is fashionable too :).

2.  Low Heeled Quality Shoes.

A low heel quality shoe is a great purchase because it will prevent you from having water enter your shoes or just letting water through. For this purpose, stick to high-quality leather shoes that don’t leak water or peel off when they come in contact with water. Leather is a great material as it conforms to your foot, it’s sturdy, breathable and most commonly used material.


Beige Kitten Heels Shoes

3. Boots.

While most men will argue that there are no boots for them, they exist. Fashion-savvy men look dapper in boots and if you are not sure, stick to black. The most common boots for men are the wingtip boot, the Chelsea boot and the captoe dress boot.  With these suggestions, if you are a man looking for a pair, these are great choices to start. I have seen them in Kenya and they promise to be a great staple for your wardrobe.

                                                                                              Chelsea Boot

Chelsea boot. Image Source:

                                                                                            The Wingtip Boot

Source: The Wingtip Boot Image Source:                                     

                                                                                  The Captoe Dress Boot

The Captoe Dress Boot. Source:

For more information on men’s boots, click this post by articles of style.

4. Quality Bag/Handbag

A quality bag is a must!  You need to be sure of your gadgets, books and documents.  For instance, you may forget your umbrellas, be caught in a drizzle or be in a place where you can not access shelter straight away. In either of these situations,  it pays to have some level of trust on the bag you invested in.

White Leather Crossbody Bag And Black Parka Coat

5. A Warm and Fuzzy Coat

You need a coat that accentuates your sense of style while keeping you warm. Although at times warm is better than stylish; there is no reason why warm should not be stylish first. Besides, a coat is such a great and casual accessory to have and being that you’ll wear it almost every other day, make it warm and stylish.

Plus a fashionable warm coat goes a long way to brighten the dull weather.


Alright, peeps! Make sure you keep warm and safe this March but also fashionable. Be on the lookout for any post by the weatherman to be safe from any harsh weather.


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