Favorite Spots to get In the Writing Zone.

Anywhere with coffee.



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“white neon lights near trees” by Devin Avery on Unsplash


But seriously,  I love writing  in bed, with coffee  and preferably at 5 am in the morning when nothing begs for my attention and the world is silent.  It’s only I and the keypad drumming away.

Before I feed you with the hogwash that is seen in movies; of writers being in tiny shorts, messy bun, caffeine and baggy t-shirts writing away in their Mac or Apple device, paying their bills and living in a whitewashed apartment; that’s not the case for all writers. In fact most writers.

Most times we open the screen and stare.
Other times we have awesome post ideas that disappear before we have time to record them in the notes section of our phones. At times, the assignment is a complex set of sentences and it beats us what the client wants from us. Nothing is more satisfying than finishing an assignment without it being sent back to you to rewrite.

Other times, the ideas and words are faster than your typing speed and choke the movement of your fingers. You have to sit well as you are in the flow state and nothing beats the flow state.

The best work comes when we are in a flow state. When we are passionate, angry, in love or frustrated.  Words flow so endlessly. I would encourage people to write in this state. It works wonders. I wrote about why I did not want to remain friends with Medium and the post was epic.

Have some Music Playing in the background

Music inspires, balms, heals and uplifts Spirits. In case you are wondering where to discover great Music, try Family Radio 316 (It’s a Christian Radio Station). They have great Play lists especially on Saturdays; 20 The Countdown Magazine .
Writing with music playing is primarily to have posts as drafts that you can go back and revise, to encourage yourself to write or simply to make a play list!

Before you judge yourself for being lazy or not committed, try writing daily with some music playing.

Listen to Birds.fm
Being in the woods, going for a nature walk can really inspire us to write. There is something beautiful and inspiring about nature.
Birds FM works great for me at 5 am when I am trying to inspire myself to write. This  nature station has different bird sounds; chirping away in a virtual forest or park,inspiring you from the comfort of your bed. It’s a great app for those who live away from nature.
In case you are feeling uninspired, I hope these tips will get you well on your way.


Reading: Mister Pip
Listening to : Fell in Love by Travis Green ft Dante Bowe


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