Find a Social Media Platform You’re Okay With

As I have mentioned before, I find social media is anxiety-inducing. It’s urgent, it’s quick, it’s here then it’s not. It’s hard to keep up with posts as timelines get updated constantly and post disappear.

As a blogger and a writer, I need to market my work, my clients work on social media, keep my sanity, deliver results and make sure I’m ruling over Social media and not the other way around.

Find 1 Social Media Platform and Stick With It

If you want to grow your blog traffic, I strongly suggest choosing SEO and a social platform of your choice. This can be Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter or Facebook.

When I started blogging in 2016, I was on all platforms, not to mention Google plus and Bloglovin. This was a bad move as it led to fatigue and I really never mastered any platform, albeit getting a considerable following.

Now I have narrowed my interests to SEO and Pinterest. The results are amazing. Narrowed focus brings traffic. Pinterest is an SEO platform so traffic from this platform brings a huge amount of traffic, and traffic that converts.

Any Pinterest user lands on your site because they were actively searching for specific content. It’s up to you to wow them with great value. They also have high page views per session as they’re on an information quest.

Why I Prefer Pinterest

It’s so easy to use, find bloggers and get tips on blogging and creating content. Apart from the ability to repin, create boards and get ideas, it’s up to me how I want to interact with content and users and if I want to interact at all.

I’d suggest Pinterest to any blogger who wants to get traffic quietly with minimal fuss while working smart.

Pinterest gives you immediate traffic. SEO gives you great traffic over time, but you have to figure out the keywords you want to rank for. More on that in another post.

When I started using Pinterest and Tailwind on my site, it was a flop. I have now implemented these lessons into another site I work with and the results are paying. I started in August, and here are the results:

Before any Pinterest and Tailwind effort. Just winging it.

Pinterest Results- Social Media Platform

As you can see, Pinterest and Tailwind Worked out. Just winning it.

Key Takeaways

Pinterest worked the second time because:

  • I knew what I was doing.
  • I never placed any expectations in my actions and treated this as an experiment.
  • I created multiple pins for each post and more multiple pins for posts that were doing well.
  • I took free courses on how to create Canva pins and build my blog traffic.

Overall, this is a learning curve and an ongoing experiment for my site and my client’s site to see the impact it will have on growth and retention.

As someone who finds social media tiring, this is a platform that I love and of course, engage in at limited times.

Which social media platform do you use and is it working for your site?

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  2. Abby August 8, 2020 at 4:23 pm

    Waoo! Am truly enlightened and inspired.

  3. Ming Qian August 10, 2020 at 6:16 am

    Hey Nderi, thanks for sharing these tips. I tried Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest. Of the three, Twitter is my favorite for the connections that I established over there. I haven’t had much luck with Pinterest in part because I am doing the bare minimum. I see the value in it, but I think Pinterest is just not for me at the moment. I may get into it someday in the future though. Thanks once again for sharing!

    1. Nderi Sarah August 10, 2020 at 6:04 pm

      Hi Qian,

      I agree. I love the blogging family on Twitter and the traffic that Pinterest offers. You’re welcome. Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us.


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