Grammarly Review: Turning Pro In Writing

3 years into writing, I can hardly believe the strides I have made. Writing has moved from a hobby to a career. Some of the strides are from implementing what others writers have done. For example, when writing and blogging was a hobby, I would research how to grow my craft. Other writers seemed to be using Pinterest, CoSchedule analyzer, Grammarly, MailChimp and other tools.

Back then, reading those post on Pinterest seemed like they were selling something. It seemed like they wanted me to make a Tailwind or some other account just so they could earn some cash. Maybe they did, but they also told me what was working for them and how I could implement it. Years later, I have implemented so many of these strategies that I wish I had listened back then. But you live, you learn.

One of these strategies or platforms is Grammarly

How I Came To Install Grammarly

If you read this article, you know I installed Grammarly prior to going in for an appraisal meeting with my editor and my boss because I knew that the question of my grammar and typos would come into question.

While going in for an appraisal meeting, you have to know your strong points, weak points, the solutions to your weak areas and then accompany this information with performance data because your performance as an employee is now in question.

So, after seeing a colleague using Grammarly and having tried it before. I decided to give it a go again. For me, my problem with Grammarly was having to use their editor. I could not add headings or subheadings so it seemed like a lot of work having to transfer articles and re-edit them again.

The best part is that there is a free version, premium version and a business version to cater for all needs. Click here

Reasons as To Why I love Grammarly

It has a Chrome and Windows extension.

Instead of using their editor, I write on whatever platform I want. This can be emails, Medium, writing social media posts, my WordPress site or while managing other people’s sites. Grammarly also has a beta version for google docs. Enabling this version makes your work professional and eases the amount of editing you have to do.

You Can Choose Your Preferred Language

Most English writers struggle with American English and British English. I am from Kenya, so I use British English. Most sites use American English which can be pretty confusing and sometimes make you doubt your English proficiency especially if English is the third language for you.

I have set Grammarly to British English and I can confidently write without having to google words as to ensure they’re British words. Setting your preferred language enhances flow when writing as you use less time to write or edit.

Grammarly Gives You Stats For Your Writing

As a new professional blogger and one who just started diversifying her writing and income, I am looking into writing courses, e-books and books. However, there is always the doubt that I don’t write enough and hence cannot make the cut for e-books in as far as the number of words required.

Grammarly has changed this with their stats. I have seen that I write between 50,000 words a week to 100,000. I feel these number of words can be enough for an e-course and I’m now confident that I can write a book if I set my mind to it.

A Snapshot of my Stats. I can now write that book 🙂

Their Red Line and Blue Line

In case you’re wondering how Grammarly notifies you of your errors and typos, any typo is underlined in red. In addition to this, you can find synonyms for cliche words. Just hover on the word you need a synonym for and Grammarly will suggest some for you. Then pick one that makes sense for that sentence.

When you sign up for Grammarly on the free version, you can:

Store your personal dictionary: As a person who speaks, switches and mixes three languages this is very important. Presumingly foreign words are now added into my writing dictionary and make work easier.

Enable and disable on preferred websites.

Save and access your work from any computer and as mentioned above, get weekly writing statistics and tips.

Right now, I am using the free version and will upgrade to premium as soon as I start writing my books and courses. When you upgrade to premium, you get additional help in inconsistent writing style, unclear sentence structure, overused words, ineffective vocabulary, wordiness, hedging language, impoliteness, insensitive language and plagiarism.

For the free version, you are guaranteed help in your Grammarly, spelling and punctuation errors. The premium version goes for $11.66 cents. While the free version has been very instrumental in my writing process, my next writing goal might require me to seek deeper help for sentence structure. This might mean signing up for the premium version and letting my writing soar.

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Click here to join Grammarly for free.



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