How To Have a Growth Mindset in This Decade

Welcome to the fourth day of the 2020 Love Blog Challenge! Today’s prompt is Growth. Check out the announcement post for all the prompts and rules this month. 

In 2011, I joined high school and in 2019, I celebrated my first year of being a post-grad. We don’t start out knowing what we’ll change and how we’ll change but when we look back, there’s change. We don’t start with a growth mindset in some areas more than others, but when we look back, there is growth.


In 10 years, I have grown from being in a boarding school to have my own place. From being taken to school to going to work. How do you anticipate to grow in this decade? Will you choose growth on purpose on will you let life happen?


I think the greatest thing in life is that we get to choose. We get to choose where we want to be and what we want to go and be active about it.


Choose To Be Active Rather Than Passive

Life will happen and will give you detours. You’ll feel like you are not good enough. I can choose to wait until I ‘ have made it’ to write this post or I can write it now. How good is my making it if it doesn’t inspire someone in the process?


The undeterred life knows what it wants and sets out to do it. Whether by crawling or by chipping away a piece of the block one day at a time, the undeterred soul is active. Choose to be active and undeterred about what you truly believe in.


More Than Anything, Read

So you’re young and you feel like you don’t have enough authority about something close to your heart or a particular subject matter; read about it.


Read voraciously. Getting a growth mindset and feeding it will require reading. Books are food for the mind and for the soul. Your soul yearns to grow and to be in the place it already envisions. So read.


I would like to grow my blog and my writing, and I read a lot. I read faster than I can write all the book reviews.  If you read my book reviews, you’ll see they’re more about blogging, writing, online businesses and career development. This is because this is where my heart is and where your heart is, there is your treasure.


Get a Hold Of Your Finances

First, assess your beliefs about money.  Do you think you deserve money? Do you think it’s reserved for certain people? What limiting beliefs do you have about money?  Look at how finances were handled in your house and how it has affected your earning, spending, giving, and receiving.


Then, create a better view of money and teach yourself how to be a faithful steward of the resources you’ll be given on earth. Money is a resource.



Turn Off Your Emotions

The biggest block to starting anything is emotions and feelings. We envision the results before and we become paralyzed because we don’t know if the product will meet our expectations.


Emotions and feelings are part of us. We don’t have to act on them. We can acknowledge them, sit with them, become familiar with them and the reason why we’re feeling them. We can also shut them down and become active.


There are no bad or good emotions. The reason as to why we feel crappy is because we have been conditioned some emotions are bad thus we feel guilty feeling them.


Emotions tell us whether our body, spirit and soul are in oneness, or they’re not. That’s why when we receive any kind of bad news, it registers in our minds and our hearts and then there are tears.


My friend, who is a gym trainer told me to turn off my emotions while training. I thought about that phrase and decided to run with it this decade and you should too. As someone recently tweeted, it’s either you choose to honour your mood and feelings or your commitment. Having a growth mindset might require you to turn off your emotions at times.


If You Can, Travel

A big reason as to why I have a travel category on my site is a reminder to travel. I set the intention a long time and this is the decade to do it.

I believe travel changes you, and maybe if you always wanted to travel but never gotten to, you can start with your city.

Travel, see the world and experience different cultures.


Don’t Be Afraid To Cast Your Nets

Apply to those companies. Reach out to people for collaboration. Apply even when you’re in doubt. So long as you are capable and willing to learn, sink your nets in the oceans of opportunity.

Isn’t it wonderful that in the same lake that the disciples caught no fish, had fish when Jesus arrived? When the time is right, the catch will be there.

Cast your nets this decade.


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