How to Discover New Music

I love music. Songs just enlighten life or the mood that you are in.

For example this song by Jenn Johnson came strong for me when I felt my world was crushing in.

Or this one still by Jenn Johnson:

Now I just want to Breathe it in and Let it out.


Have the notes section on your phone ready to jolt the song title or the first line of the chorus. Because most times we tell ourselves that we will remember and we don’t.

Listen to a count down sometime for their selection of the greatest selection and have the notes section open.

I love 20 the Count Down Magazine by Family Radio and Sunday Morning Drive still by Family Radio 316.


Shazam is a great app when you don’t know the song, artists or language used. For example, when watching a movie, series, or Netflix, I like to shazam awesome music.

Ask Friends

I ask my friends what they are currently listening to and in return I have gotten some awesome music from them. Other times my friends suggest songs and they stick.

For example this one by Tank and The Bangas.

Or this one by Wahu;

I love music and have been in a Church choir before but now I am looking to get into dancing. I am looking for a Dance Studio in Nairobi to join next year that specializes into Afro Beats, Lingala music or even Taarab.

Dance makes me happy, whether I am doing it correctly or not, I love it and can’t stop smiling. My friend recommended some peeps here in Nairobi that I am going to check out and see if I like it.

22 is about to be LIT. Literally.

How do you guys discover new music?


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