I Care too Much what People Think

Not anymore.

“Don’t be afraid of anyone sign near vehicle during daytime” by Jon Tyson on Unsplash

Not so Opionionated Sarah.

What are they going to think? Are they going to be disappointed? Am I sharing too much? What is their opinion on what I am about to do?

What will people think? Log kya kahenge?

I have watched Hassan Minaj’s Netflix comedy special and he also refers to this. What will people think? Say? Log kya kahenge?

This has been a reason why I did not post or promote my blog’s content on Facebook where I have a page and my personal profile. They wouldn’t wanna read that. That’s too personal. I even disconnected the blog from Facebook last year at some point because of Log Kya kahenge.

Funny enough, I am one person who supports my friends, their plans, and their goals beacuse I want us all to succeed.

Someone said I might not be “family” because I talk too much in my writing about personal stuff.


Well now am earning from my talking, how about that?

Too much ‘Talking’ increased My Visibility.

I have written on LinkedIn, Medium, I have a blog. I am making it rain with content and it has it audience.

I am now sharing my content every where. I have ceased caring about log kya kahenge and when I feel an ounce of fear, I promote.

Promote yourself shamelessly.

— Sarah Nderi (@dismuide) October 2, 2018


Promote your content everywhere. You wrote a great article, people deserve to see it. Tweet it, share it, do a WhatsApp broadcast or mail it as a newsletter. I post my links on my WhatsApp Status and 40 people followed the link to my blog.

Someone sliced (directed a jab at) me that all the popularity with no impact is nothing all something across those lines. Well, It’s my popularity.

Followers are not zombies. Be real, be personal and create content that resonates and helps them. You never have to put up a front with them.

Let no one Dictate You.

Your brain is in your head and let your feet row you into the direction you want to in life. Make an impact how you deem fit. Change the world how you deem fit, from where you can feel the gap.

I want to leave this world having promoted love, joy and happiness and my understanding of the same. Evidently my joy comes from my faith and apart from that there are so many things in this world that want to snatch your joy.

Toot Your own Horn

After I wrote 22 Lessons I have learnt in 22 years. I shamelessly promoted on my Instagram, WhatsApp and Facebook and it is the most viewed article on my blog in the month of September. After this article, the other most viewed is a tech article; Woo Commerce M-Pesa and the new Safaricom Daraja API.

I made it sound like it is the best article ever written. Because it was. Because up until that moment it was the recent article I had written.

When you’re your own cheerleader, everyone else will follow. They have no choice. Follow or Leave.

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