I created a Social Media Freebie on Gumroad

Do you struggle when it comes to creating freebies?

8 months ago, I wrote a social media article which was widely shared from Medium on my blog. This was the first time one of my articles had gotten so many shares from Medium. Most of the shares were on Twitter and this prompted a revelation in me.

What if I created a freebie on how to create a week’s worth of social media content?

Here were my blockers:

  • What if no one was interested in my process and they knew all there’s to know about creating a social media calendar?
  • Did I have anything to add above what the article tackled?
  • How was I going to market the freebie? I had seen bloggers on my Twitter timeline create digital freebies and products and achieve massive success with them but I didn’t think I could do it. I had never done it before.

Eventually, I decided to create the freebie and figure out the next steps once it was created, packaged and on Gumroad. The Freebie has been collecting dust on the Gumroad shelves from November to last week when I decided to dust it and promote it.

What I did to Get out of my rut

First, I moved my mailing list of 50 people from MailChimp to MailerLite. I had heard good things about MailerLite from a blogger called Neesha Rees and I loved MailerLite upon moving. I’m working to deleting MailChimp from my blog and replacing it with Mailer Lite.

Second, I changed the social media freebie landing page to a landing page that could convert. It still needs a bit more work but it’s much better than the original landing page.

Finally, I sent out my email to my 50 subscribers, shared a post on my Twitter and Facebook page and waited. The product got 21 visits, and 3 downloads which is a massive improvement from the crickets.

The 3 downloads came from my blog, my email list and my Twitter page. Twitter had the highest conversion rate at 14%.

Next Steps:

  • Brainstorm how to get the number of downloads to 50 this month.
  • Improve the freebie and work on feedback from the students who take the course.
  • Send an email to the subscribers who never downloaded it. Here are my email statistics from the first email:

social media content calendar

 If you want to create a freebie or a digital product, treat it as an experiment to clear the blockers and start working. I’ll update you on how my experiment is coming along.

Download the freebie here.

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