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A few months ago I wrote about how Journaling has helped me in my personal and professional life and why people should journal. Since then, it has become one of the most read articles on my site.


If you haven’t read it, go ahead and read how journaling helped me. I have included articles from top Medium writers like Zat Rana and Thomas Oppong. These 7 article links talk about the history of journaling, interstitial journaling and how we can use journaling to improve our lives.


If you’re serious about becoming a wealthy powerful, sophisticated, healthy, influential, cultured and unique individual, keep a journal – Jim Rohn.


The Difference Between a Planner and a Journal

A planner is clearly divided into years, months, weeks and days and enables you to organize and have some sense of order. A  journal, on the other hand, can be leather bound, single line book in which you can dump your thoughts as you go.


I tend to use my journal as my planner as well. This is because I find carrying two books exhausting. I have been journaling since my preteen years. What started as a way to write haikus, sad poems, why my life sacked transitioned to a habit that I love and one that works for me.


The Benefits of Journaling

It allows you to process information as it arrives in your brain. If you’re in a situation where you can’t figure out the Z of it, take a pen and paper. Write down what you feel and you’ll find it so therapeutic. Of course, this does not solve the problem but allows you to process.


Journaling is a form of learning. You learn about yourself and the world/environment you’re in. Additionally, you might also come to realize that you have your own preconceived biases towards some situations and if you were to overcome the bias, you’d find the solution.


As a writer and blogger, my journal is full of goals, reflections and a lot of blogging notes. It’s also full of favourite quotes from the books and articles I have come across as well as work/blog must-implement list.


This is How You Can Enjoy Journaling

Take a pen and paper and write freely. Don’t correct grammar or punctuation.

Be honest in your writing. You’re the only audience of your journal and as such, don’t hold back.

Make Journaling a habit.


40 Topics For Journal Writing

For anyone new to journaling, you can try morning pages. Your mind is fresh and it offers a great start of the day. You can also try the goal journal where you track your past, present, the gap between the present and the ideal situation and then break the goals down in a way to make them more feasible. Other types of journals to explore are the curiosity journal, the values journal and the ideas journal.


Here are 40 Journaling  topics for journal writing:

Journaling Topics For Morning Pages:

  1. Day 1 of 365 days. Each day till December 31 the end of the year.
  2. Wouldn’t it be nice if…. (Anticipate for a great day)
  3. Recap on yesterday.
  4. Something good is going to happen today…
  5. Write about anything that’s on your mind.


Journaling Topics On Gratitude 

  1. Recall some of the greatest blessings in your life and give thanks.
  2. Thank God for the ‘mundane.’ School, life, safe trips, food, shelter etc.
  3. Name a highlight in your day/week/month.
  4. Write about what you love about your spouse/child/parent/friends.
  5. Write down your favourite quote and why?
  6. Write your favourite scripture and why?
  7. What are your best attributes and why?
  8. Which areas do you think you can improve and how?
  9. Which experience (good or bad) has broadened your life and thinking in the last few months?
  10. Who did you help today?


Journaling Topics On Faith and Reflectional Journaling

  1. What I’m I worried about?
  2. Which areas do I doubt God and why?
  3. What new things I’m I learning about my Faith and myself?
  4. I’m I staying true to my belief?
  5. Where do I see God moving in my life?
  6. What I’m I learning about God and service to people?
  7. Do I project the relationship I have with my mother/father on God and how is this good/bad?
  8. Which behaviours give me cognitive dissonance when it comes to my Faith and why?
  9. How can I strengthen my faith?
  10. Is my obedience to God from a sense of duty or obedience


Journaling Topics On Goal Setting 

  1. Number of Pageviews you want to achieve in a month.
  2. The number of sales you ought to make in a month to achieve your annual goals.
  3. Number of blog posts to write by the end of the month.
  4. Acts of service by the end of the month.
  5. The A-Z of finishing your book. Plan it in chapters and weeks.
  6. Create a bucket list with some of your greatest aspirations. Check out my 2019 ultimate travel guide.
  7. List 10 Places you want to visit.
  8. Choose 3 places to volunteer in your city.
  9. Choose 1 new language to learn.
  10. Make goals/plans to diversify your income.


Stream of Consciousness. These prompts can be used for morning pages as well.

  1. How was life a year ago and how have you changed.
  2. What are your personal values and why?
  3. What were your most embarrassing moments?
  4. How do you feel about relationships?
  5. Are you challenging yourself and moving out of your comfort zone?


These prompts will give you a head start into journaling, make the habit efficient and a better way to process occurrences, plan your future and move on from the past.

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  1. Danielle August 24, 2019 at 8:15 am

    Great article! I totally agree with the benefits, it’s such a good process for reflection and helping solve and think personal things through.

    1. Nderi Sarah August 24, 2019 at 7:52 pm

      I agree. I keep several journals and I must say that writing and dumping over there is the best form of therapy.

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