The Lesser-Known Benefits of Studying Psychology

Psychology is a degree choice that can often leave students feeling a little confused or conflicted. They might not immediately understand the opportunities they have once they graduate, and while they are drawn to gaining a better understanding of humans, they might have no idea where the degree can take them.


Luckily, there are many unique career opportunities open to people that study psychology, but there are also some lesser-known benefits that aren’t immediately obvious. In this article, we’ll be covering some of those lesser-known benefits and how they can help you later on in life.


It Makes You Better at Communicating

Psychology is often seen as something that involves analyzing people and their behaviours. However, it also involves a lot of communication in order to understand someone. Many psychology students don’t even realize that their communication skills get better by simply interacting with others to learn more about them.


It Makes You Better at Solving Conflicts

Because it revolves around understanding humans, motives and motivations,  students actually have a very easy time-solving conflict between people. This is a fantastic skill to have both in your career and in life.


You’ll Have Multiple Job Opportunities

Psychology is being used everywhere nowadays. From sports to business psychology, it’s a valuable skill to have in today’s modern world and this can open you up to many employment opportunities. Below, we’ve added an infographic that covers many unique case studies with well-known companies and how they’ve applied psychology to their businesses.

The Lesser-Known Benefits of Studying Psychology

Infographic by University of Southern California


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