How To Counter The State of Regret

On lazy afternoons, I listen to laid back uplifting songs. One of my favourite song is Dear Younger Me. 

This song is all those things that I would tell myself when I was younger. It always reminds me that we make sense of life when we look at it backwards, in hindsight. A constant reminder to always look up. Trust the process and trust Him.

This One Thing I do, forgetting those things which are behind and reaching out to those things that are before.. Phil 3:13

The past is the past and His mercies are new every morning. In this regard, I always take it that every day is a chance to do better, be better and do all these with him. It’s when I have faith in my won understanding that I always ever do the same old things, and end up regretting.

If You Find Yourself in a State of Regret;

Recognize that choices have consequences and some of your choices, inaction and indecision might have brought you there.

Don’t beat yourself up, forget those things that are behind and forge ahead.

Place steps for it never to happen again. Of course God will never do what you can do. When He says work out your own salvation it’s because there is something you ought to do. Add virtue and make sure your character stands. Sometimes our character will lead us take actions that bring regret.

If it’s not your actions that brought the state of regret, accept that you can only control yourself and your actions. Let go of anything you can’t control.

Learn from it. If you have been there, done that and know the outcome; why would you go back again?

When You are Angry with Someone.

  1. You may keep quiet to prevent yourself from saying hurtful words. How you progress from here is up to you. But it’s advisable to live free from offense with anyone even though you might not necessarily speak with them.
  2. Cool down and confront them later. Now, I hate confrontations and always prefer option one. But the problem with this is that you might get used to the silence as the new norm and the relationship dies.
  3. Walk away. If you are one with a crazy temper. Walk away.

How do you counter anger and regret? Let me know in the comments

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