Wondering How to be a Content Creator? Make Money, to Make more Art

Proverbs 16:3 A man’s heart deviseth his way; but the Lord directed his steps.

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In content business, someone will always tell you how saturated the market is and how you should actually be doing something else. First, the market maybe saturated but make your art unique, fresh and new. Make your art new and fresh.

Market Saturation

Second, the African/ black market is not saturated. Have you ever tried looking for a picture and have to type black before you see a picture of a black person?

Or let’s say you keep natural hair and want to look for new styles for the season. You will find nothing on black hair or just a limited number of pictures. You will most probably find white hair, put in some rollers and bam! natural.

But the real black hair is , kinky, curly, semi-straight, never seems to hold moisture and simply diverse. And that’s how black content should be, diverse. It’s hard too to find the same pictures on Unsplash or pixabay too.

I kept my hair natural for roughly 2 years and it was a struggle getting authentic black hair content on Pinterest. Youtube is better in videos but there is something about Pinterest that makes you go back for content. It sucks when they don’t have it.

Black people just don’t like making content or taking photographs is my conclusion.

Be Relatable

Don’t get me wrong I don’t care whoever is in the picture but I am Kenyan, so are most of my readers therefore the content should be relatable.

I have seen a lot of websites based here in Kenya having this preference too but getting the pictures is tricky at times. The number of keywords you have to put in before you get something close to what you want is not funny

Make Money to Make More Art

It’s very fulfilling to watch the final product of anything you’ve been making come to life.I felt so proud when I saw my site take the form I always wanted it to take.

I felt prouder of myself when a film I directed was shortlisted and selected for screening.I plan on making a lot of Fashion Content, for me and for my readers.

I need money to make it happen, and that’s where the struggle lies but where there is a will, there is a way.The process is at times grueling and mean words can be exchanged during a shoot or a set. But if you know how to work with people, be honest and upfront, the product will always be achieved.

We need more black content; make money, to make more art.


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