5 Ways to Manifest by Writing Down what You Want to Achieve

The term Manifest gets a bad rap and fairly so.


It’s often equated to people being lazy and hoping to get by in life by sitting cross-legged and wishing their life falls into a perfect place. It also falls in the categories of having an abundance mindset, touted by rich and capitalistic people who want to escape being accountable for their wealth and credit their wealth to having an abundance mindset.

If only life was that easy. 

Jessica Wildfire has a great article on how the abundance mindset paves the way to inequality by abandoning collective growth. Nonetheless, I believe that there are certain lifestyle adjustments that when consistently practised, can change a person’s life.  We can then manifest these changes by writing down our goals and the adjustments we ought to make.

I share these ways to manifest by writing down your goals as they have worked for me and maybe they can for you.


1. Plan Your Year  in 3 Months Intervals

New year’s resolutions are daunting.

We make and forget about them. One year ago  I was stuck in a rut and needed to change my life. I contemplated switching jobs. 6 months later, I lost my dad. In December 2020, I decided to create a 2021 plan that I could follow through. A plan that had room for failure and change.

My plans looked like this:

Quarter 1

January: Apply

February: Prepare

March: Regroup


In the first month of the first quarter I wrote down what I wanted to achieve and places I’d need to send applications for this to happen. I then worked towards that and collected as much information as I could on what I was working on. February was a month of receiving feedback from the applications and March was regrouping and setting alternate goals.

When planning your quarter, look for alternative ways of achieving your goals and plug them in the third month, should your plan As not work. You’ll have an easier time regrouping and recalibrating for the next steps.


2. Write Down What You Want to Manifest each Month or Quarter

Quarterly goals are great because it’s easier to collect feedback on what’s working and change the goals for the next quarter and subsequently the next month. For example, one of my Q1 goals was to get a new job or go for my Masters.


While I wasn’t able to start my Masters, I was able to switch my interests from Marketing to technical writing. While making goals for the first quarter, I made sure to include alternative goals of what to do when my plan A doesn’t work out. I highly recommend this for anyone who feels like they’re stuck in a rut.

Your quarterly goals will then inform your monthly goals.


3. Look at Your List every Day 

This is something most people, including myself, forget to do.

I highly recommend using sticky notes, writing your monthly goals and sticking them on your notepad, your office wall or work monitor. Your lists can range from monetary goals, friendship goals and work goals. 

One of my 2021 quarterly goals is going for at least one hike. It’s an inexpensive way to travel, stay in shape and get to see what my country offers. This goal is non-monetary and goes with my 2021 resolution of exploring my environment.

Looking at your list is a great way to stay on track as it’s easy to get bored especially when there are no quick results. Invest in a journal or a planner and start tracking your goals. Manifest by writing down can also mean rewriting your goals afresh in every new notebook you get.


4. Envision Yourself Living the Life you Want 


Daydream about what could happen. Daydream about achieving your biggest desires and goals. I view daydreaming as the seemingly impossible scenarios we create in our minds before we go to bed.

We daydream because our dreams are better than our waking life, or as a way to escape from events in our waking life. Daydreaming is a great way to track where you’d want to be in life. Question those dreams and if they’re rooted in growth and not escapism, create a vision board with those dreams in mind.


5. Align with People Who Are Living the Life you Envision

While what we see from looking at a person’s life is not an accurate representation of what goes on in their lives, we can learn a few things by aligning ourselves with people who have already achieved what we want to achieve.

For me, this might mean aligning with other bloggers, writers and watching a lot of a day in life videos on Tik Tok and YouTube. I’m able to pick up on great writing tools, resources and the feeling of being in a community raises the commitment I have towards writing. 

Identify what this means to you and create a community of your own. You don’t have to be in contact with them, but you can curate the books you read and the people you follow on social platforms to reflect this alignment. Then manifest by writing down your goals, or editing them to reflect new pieces of information.


 You might take a break, but you’ll still come back to your goals with the same vigour, consistency and commitment.


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  1. In Travel July 15, 2021 at 11:13 pm

    Love this! I’ve been wanting to start manifesting for a while and this has given me some great tips to begin!


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