2018 in one Post, Most Read Articles and Creative Pursuits

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The secret to continued improvement and peak performance isn’t the amount of time you invest in your craft but the quality of that time~ Daniel Goleman

Mid- 2018 I went head in what I wanted to achieve in terms of this blog and self-hosting and having an online space that I own.  It has brought a lot of fulfillment as it is something that I have always wanted to do so this makes me glad.

Here are my most read 2018 posts in no particular order;

7 Strong, Essential Steps to Take to Reach Your Goals

A post on Journaling 🙂

This November post was part of a blog collab with Laura Romberger of dofivethings.com and it’s top on the list. Many of my readers really wanted to know how to nail 2019 and I hope this post motivated them to nail 2019 or gave them some sort of insight.

13 Graduation Hairstyles and Shoes to Pair with your Cap and Gown

A lot of people graduated last December and so did I. So I thought why not create a post on the different ways to put together a graduation outfit. This post is well received and I am glad I wrote it.

I wrote it because I was struggling to find an outfit and had to buy  a last minute outfit so I hope that this outfit will be a great resource for others still.




I Launched a Blog From Earning $250 a month



I really went in with this decision and was broke for days. I did not go out, buy new clothes, buy fancy food, eat out, get a manicure or nothing. It was totally worth it. I lived a minimalists life and I’m only recovering from that this month. Minimalist life is not for me unless I’m working on Major Goals :).  A girl gotta live!

These two post really show my blogging journey. Read this one too if you want to get the entire picture.


Blog Interview You Don’t want to Miss with at themkare.com

I posted this right before Christmas and it was such a hit.


Read the post on my writing journey, my strengths, my fears, and  everything else. You won’t be disappointed.

I even included  a link to the animation film I directed if you have never watched it. I promise you it’s good and creative :).



Wardrobe Essentials: How to Build a Capsule Wardrobe

Capsule Wardrobe

One of my 2018 is building a capsule wardrobe of outfits that I will love up, dress up, dress down, interchange and have fun with. I never bought clothes the whole of 2018. Crazy right? I had other goals.

It’s still one of my goals  and  I am going to use this list on Capsuling 101.

Use this posts if you also want to build a capsule wardrobe and tell me what you think.

Fashion and Beauty Tips,Tricks and Plans for the 2019


Toner, Skin, Skincare, Cooling, Facial

I wrote this post on Christmas. I know, get  a life Sarah but I had nothing else to do so why not blog? My trips, tricks and plans were also a hit!


I am sure you can borrow a thing or two so click away!




How Journaling has Helped me and Why You Should Journal

JournalingI journal a lot. This is how I de-stress, plan, write everything I’m grateful for(gratitude journal), and write anything else pretty much.

I have always journal-ed since I was young but it was not the purposeful kind. It was more like I hate my life/I have a crush/ hey God what’s up and I can’t believe my siblings did etc to me :).

I have included links from top medium writers on journaling and how you can turn this habit to a purposeful habit.


How to Style an Ankara/ Kitenge Outfit


This is  an old 2017 post and it’s still a hit. I went for the photoshoot for my 2017 birthday and I was so excited. I had this ankara dress designed, a makeup artists do my make up, fun times people . Fun times people, fun times.


The photographer was awesome. I really loved working with him and so was the designer.

An year later and I still use this pictures in many places and applications where they’re required. They really came through.

I think shoots should make a come back on the blog but we’ll see. 2019  looks promising.



What content would you like to see in 2019?

Comment down below  :).


Keeping up with: Other Blogs and Netflix

Listening to. Kuregerera in advance



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