Ladies: Fashion Must Haves Before 2019

Hey peeps, It’s our usual weekly Fashion posts and this week we focus on 2019. Merry Christmas in advance and Happy New year. I am already in my Christmas mood and I am listening to this holiday song on sound cloud by Brothers Landau. It’s really awesome,  good vibes and makes me think of snow though we have none in Kenya:)

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Low-heeled Open shoes

Quality ones  with a good sole. Not the ones that are doing the most within a month. Like tearing, or getting your big toe stumped because the sole is too thin. I find that gladiators or ankle boots that are peep toes are such a good fit because they prevent your heels from becoming ashy with dust or harsh elements.

Bras and Bralletes

Tis the season for low cut blouses, low cut and midi dresses, strapless blouses and backless dresses. Make sure you are not having wardrobe mishaps when it comes to Bras. It’s always nice when  they are not seen, regardless of what you choose to wear.


January sun is almost here and we  can feel it. Jeans and sneakers won’t cut it this time of the year neither will tight cotton t-shirts. You’ll need some dresses for the month to go with the season. It’s time to show off the legs, the cute pedicure and for your peep toe shoes to make their appearance.

Summer Dresses

Now, this works if you know how to dress your body type. You don’t want to look funny or come out looking like a traffic light pole, especially if you are slender like me.

You can find Summer Dresses at LC Waikiki, at Eastleigh if you look for them well, they have great ankle length dresses designed for our hijabi women that you can buy and make an outfit from. Many of these are ready to wear but if you feel it’s too wide, you can slim it a bit.

Maxi ,button Down, midi, denim Shirt ,beach and mini dresses.

Keep up with this blog to see what I mean as I will be posting my 2019 looks and this one will be a must.

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