How Physical Touch Helps us to Show Love to Family and Friends

It’s the second day of the #LoveBlog2019 and I want us to talk about the various ways we can show affection to people in our lives. This challenge is hosted yearly by Belle Brita, whom you can find here.

If you are yet to know your love language, take this online test and get insights on how you ought to be loved.

It’s no mistake that physical touch is a love language that no one can underestimate and is used to show love and affection by all living things. Don’t we all love cute cat and dog videos? I digress but this shows that everyone wants to feel understood and cared for, and nothing communicates this more than physical touch.

Physical touch fosters a sense of belonging and security in a relationship while communicating feelings of being wanted, cared for, comfort, friendship and evokes gentle love in our partners.

Physical Touch Includes

Forehead kisses.

Holding hands.

Thoughtful touches on the arm, shoulders, or face.

Neck rubs, shoulder rubs and back massages.


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When You Don’t Speak This Love Language

If this is not your love language you will have to go out of your way to love your partner whose love language is physical touch. This is key in forming a healthy and formidable relationship and making sure that they are receiving the love and attention they signed up for.

As unromantic as this sounds, you might need to learn this love language and try making some kind of rituals that will eventually turn into habits. Great relationships stem from the work and investment both partners have made so consider this as an investment in your relationship.


Physical Touch

In all fairness, your partner will also have to learn your love language which makes this a two- way process.

Of course, some of us really love spending quality alone time so it’s essential to spend time alone in order to be really present and okay with physical touch. Partners whose love language is physical touch may feel rejected or neglected if they’re not receiving this attention from their partners.

Signs That Your Partner Loves Physical Touch

They enjoy hugging, cuddling and holding hands frequently.

They have no problem with a public display of affection (PDA) and enjoy a bit of holding hands in public.

Men may tickle, wrestle or other kinds of ‘aggressive’ attention.

They feel nice just by you sitting next to them.

Rituals That You Can Establish to Learn Physical Touch and Make it a Habit

Snuggling while watching movies or the television.

Touching them as you walk by.

A playful swat on the back on your husband/wife.

Light touches in public, a peck on the cheek, light brushes against each other or standing/sitting next to each other.

Take time giving each other massages, back rubs, foot rubs and or playing with their hair.

Physical Touch as a Love Language to Family and Children

You may notice especially in babies that they always want to breastfeed which could mean they are really hungry or want to bond with you. Especially when they wake you up several times a night. It could also indicate a fear of some kind so it could be best to look at how they spend their days.

There is something magical when you speak to your child when squatting. Whether you are addressing them, playing or simply listening to them; I have found that it’s easier to bond with them.

Other than that, we have families whose love language is physical touch.

Gary Chapman has also written The Five Love Languages for Kids that you should check out if you have children or you are looking for ways to prepare yourself with knowledge.

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Bath Time Is A Great Time To Bond With Kids

Bath time is a great way to bond with young children and play with them in the water. It is especially great for dads to bond with their children. I remember my dad used to give me a bath and every time my mum wanted offered to do it I completely refused.

I also slept on the sofa before bedtime so that he could carry me to bed and made him carry me on his shoulders every Sunday to Church. Enough Sarah, you get the point right? Read your child’s cues.

Bond With Your Little One Through Infant Massage

Ever notice when you start massaging a baby she just becomes so relaxed and might fall asleep? Massages are so underrated!

You can also,

Play games with them. Indulge them in their little games.

Tuck them in bed and read them a story, tickle them, give them a footsie and end the night on a light note.

Hug them.

Of course, there are other ways to express love using physical touch. Learn how to read your partners/child’s/mum’s/dad’s/friend’s/colleagues love language and love them right.

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  1. Charlene Maugeri February 5, 2019 at 12:28 am

    I think you totally hit the nail on the head with this line, “Great relationships stem from the work and investment both partners have made so consider this as an investment in your relationship.” It’s so true! And I also agree that massages are so underrated!

    1. Nderi Sarah February 5, 2019 at 3:11 am

      Yes they do. Let’s all look at how and what we should give rather than taking and relationships will be so much better.

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